Guys with naval piercings.

Guys with naval piercings, what’s your opinion on them? How do you think they look etc.

You need a piercing to get in the US Navy? Weird.

I know pirates used to wear earrings in the olden days, but even then it wasn’t compulsory.

Arrr! P’rhaps he be askin’ about poopdeck piercings! Shiver me timbers an’ walk me plank!

It must be when you get a ring put in your USN tatoo.

I don’t think I’d want my boyfriend to get his navy pierced, if he had one. I’d think it would interfere with the floating, and that’s a very important quality in a navy.

(Navel = the thing in the middle of your tummy. Naval = pertaining to a navy.)

I just noticed lowman is a newcomer to the boards. I think we should point out that we’re not being malicious; just hving a little fun at his expense. No harm intended.

Re: Navel piercings.
I personally think they look a bit silly, even on women. But that’s just my opinion; and others, no doubt, feel differently.

FWIW, all the guys I know with navel piercings are gay. I think they look pretty cool.

Welcome to lowman; as for male navel piercings, um - NO. I have a belly ring, but to me it would look very odd on a man.

If the guy has a smooth, flat stomach and a tendency to wear cut-off shirts, then they look mercilessly sexy.

Well, I tend to think that one women they tend to emphasize the waist (though I still don’t think they’re that nifty).

On a man? I think it would look really silly - to the point that if I saw a shirtless man with one, I’d probably have to go have the giggles somewhere.

Just my opinion though.

I used to have a general giggle reaction when encountering a man with a pierced navel, until I got to know Mike.

Engineer, very mannerly buttoned down sort of guy, and finding not only the piercing, but that the ring went thru a tattoo of the rolling stones logo so that it appeared to pierce the tattoo’s tongue…wow.

So, sometimes it works.

Yes, welcome lowman, no offense meant.

I’m sporting quite the belly these days, so I’ve gone for a wedding band, pierced through my belly button.

-shrug- works for me.


I was thinking of getting a torso piercing. Whaddya think?

Torso piercing? Why not go the route of Vlad the Impaler, and go for a full-body piercing?
-Steelerphan, already tired of the needles