Girls' takes on boy-piercings--theoria vs praxis. TMI, PG-13.

Qualified receiving-end boys invited to respond as well, of course.
Ok, so A FRIEND OF MINE has a HUSBAND who recently (month and a half ago?) got a genital piercing-- a frenum with a barbell (I don’t know what gauge). MY FRIEND. . aw, hell with it. . . me, I have no moral, aesthetic or any other kind of problem with piercings, of course-- I like the look of the thing. I like the idea of the thing. He also has his nipps done and I have a navel ring, etc, so that’s not the problem. He had been looking forward to having it done for a long time and, you know, I like him to be happy.
Sex in most positions, while slightly different/ nicer for him, has become occasionally? frequently? less pleasant for me-- the effect ranges from distracting to kind of painful and downright annoying (not all the time, sweetie, if you’re reading this). The feel of the barbell is very noticable in a not-usually nice kind of way (sometimes it is nice, but not usually) and it catches on. . . stuff. This is disappointing, because I’d always heard that piercings were supposed to ENHANCE sex. We’ve been trying different things, but I don’t want to have to buy a pair of gravity boots to find something that works better. I’ve brought this up a couple of times and I have told him that I’ll give it 2 more months to see if I get used to it/ we figure something out, but otherwise it might need to go-- he knows this and says he won’t mind. He likes it a whole lot, too, so it’s a disappointment for him as well if it needs to go bye-bye. And I like the IDEA of it. . . oh, why can’t it just work right?
So, girls, anyone ever been in this situation, or am I the only person for whom a willie-piercing has not been the best thing since sliced bread? Any suggestions?

:eek: You’re still just talking about the piercing, right? :eek:

My piercings are all north of the border, so I can’t help you with advice. I would think that maybe he can try a smaller gague? Maybe his piece is too big for his piece.

I don’t think my SO is ever going to want something like that, but if he did I’d strongly discourage it. I don’t think it’s attractive, and the idea of anything ‘catching’ down there gives me the willies.

Not sure why I hate piercings. I love tattoos, and I’m all for self-expression, but I just don’t see the appeal of the piercings. I still have a scar from where I got my nose pierced in college. If anyone had warned me about the permanent hole I wouldn’t have done it. Now I’m scarred for life. :smiley:

Have an ex who had one. He had a rather large ring on his, though (don’t remember the gauge). The only problem I had with it was with oral sex, because the ring added enough in lenth so that it was difficult to get as much in my mouth (sorry, probably TMI). Anyhow, he’d had it for a long time, so sometimes he would just take it out. It was fine for actual intercourse, though it never seemed to make a difference as far as the sex being better b/c of the ring.

Find out what gauge the barbell is, maybe he just needs a smaller one.

I’d just get a different barbell and try that.

I dated a guy with a PA and I hated it. Sex can be painful for me and this made it more so.

There’s a guy at work who has a Jacob’s Ladder and it just doesn’t seem, to me, like barbells would be the best shape for the, ah, acoutrement. Square peg in a round hole and all that. So, to pretty much end up repeating what everyone else has said, see if he’ll try some different jewelry (size and/or shape).

Semi-related observation:
I’ve recieved, uh, oral pleasure from three girls who had tongue rings and every time it made the experience much less pleasant. Sensations ranged from a biting feeling (from a barbell which had a narrow bit between the bell and main shaft) to a sort of poking with the other two; since then, I ask ladies who are so accoutred to remove the relevant bits before proceeding, which can get unpleasant.

Great! I’ve always wanted a thread about barbells in IMHO. I think weightlifting is one of the few sports that…

Insert it where?



Theoria v. Praxis? Wasn’t this an episode of Star Trek?

I would have to agree with the OP. I went out with a bloke who had 3 …ummmm decorative thingees on his thingy.

They added nothing to sex. They did make me terrified of oral though, I thought I was gonna rip one of those suckers out, not quite the effect he was hoping for I think.