Dopers with Clitoral Piercings

I’m thinking about getting it done. I imagine it must hurt a lot. But I was worrying more about the dangers of damage to that area. And also the general rules on how long it has to be not touched and hygiene procedures. And horror stories would be good too.

Why do you want the piercing? Is it purely for looks, or is there some kind of enhancement to sex?

I hear that it enhances the sexual experience. And well, my clitoris doesn’t look that great to start with :wink:

That hurts just to THINK about. :eek:

I won’t believe you until I see pics. :slight_smile:

Are you sure you aren’t thinking of a clit hood piercing? Piercings of the clitoris itself are quite rare - most piercers won’t do them and you are risking damaging your nerves there, so no sensation at all in the future.

Personally, I think you’re asking for trouble with a clit (not clit hood) piercing. I know of a few people who have clit (not clit hood) piercings and they either had it taken out or have had problems with it. On the other end of the “no sensation” spectrum is constant unending unendurable sensation, and while that sounds lovely in a kinky fantasty book it’s unrealistic to expect to live that way.

Missbunny’s right, a lot of people talk about “clitoral piercings” when they really mood “clitoral HOOD piercings”. Piercing your actual clitoris is a lot more risky, especially in terms of loss of feeling.

I had my clitoral hood pierced for about a year. It healed just fine, and there was a slight increase in sensation during sex, but nothing mindblowing.
I took it out simply because I got sick of seeing it there all the time. The novelty wore off, or something. Most piercings, especially those in a mucous membrane like the mouth or genitals, heal very fast so you can’t leave the jewelry out of it for very long, so I didn’t have the option of just taking it out and putting the jewelry in when I felt like it.

Basically, it was fun to have, looked pretty (IMHO), and was just neat for the time I had it. :smiley:

Also, a disclaimer I tell everybody who asks about a piercing - make sure they place you go is sterile, that they use gloves and a NEW UNOPENED needle for each person and piercing. Most good piercers will actually show you the unopened needle package and open it in front of you without being asked.

Good luck! Sorry I don’t have any horror stories to share :smiley:

Yike! :eek: Somebody could chip a tooth on that!

Or as somebody’s mom would say, “It’s great fun until you put somebody’s eye out.”

I know a gal who had an eyebrow piercing, and it made her look like somebody had socked her. I heard lately that she accidentally tore it out while taking off a sweater. :smack:

Not really a horror story, but disturbing nonetheless.

My mother works as an MRI tech. In an MRI, metal is heated. Therefore, all metal tidbits like piercings must be removed. One woman, when asked if she had any piercings to remove them, answered with:

“I’ll need a pair of needlenose pliers.” :eek:

The people didn’t want them back afterwards…

Sequential thread titles in MPSIMS:

**Biggest Fashion Mistake

Dopers with Clitoral Piercings**

Yeh I mean clit hood. Like I said, I know nothing. But it’s either that or my tongue, and tongue studs just ruin head :rolleyes:

Ick. When it comes to *down there * I’m of the mind of “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” But then, I’m not a fan of piercings, so what do I know?

crossing my legs

Okay, I know people do this, I don’t mind, but I’m not getting it done. Uh-uh. No way. I did a paper on piercing for a sexuality class several years ago. Eep.

That being said, word of mouth is a good place to start finding a piercer. A good piercer isn’t going to have a problem telling you anything you want to know about the sanitary measures they take. I don’t have any exotic piercings, but I sure wouldn’t let anybody near me even to pierce my ear who doesn’t want to answer and or all questions I’d have about the procedure.

I’ve always tried to live my life by two simple rules:

1 - Avoid any situations that involve having needles shoved into my genitals.

2 - Avoid any activities that are likely to increase my chances of being strip searched in an airport.

Whose clitoris does look great, anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:

Who was it who said that smilie looked like a lesbian erection?

Well, dopers aren’t nearly as twisted as I thought :wink:
But for any member that come along later and wants to know something about it, all I have is this
Looks like I’ll be getting it done then.

I actually do have a clitoral piercing. But since I see you really meant a hood piercing I guess my twisted-ness need not apply :wink: . Still happy to give information though if you’re interested.
Clitoral hood piercings are really, really quick and pretty painless. Your clitoral hood is just a thick membrane, and you’ll likely barely even feel a sting as it’s pierced. No big deal at all. Much less of a deal, even, then a belly button or tongue ring. I recommend a vertical barbell, or a horizontal ring-- either will offer Fun and Interesting Stimulation.

I assume that the majority of the technicians doing this procedure are female, otherwise it would take an eternity…

as in…

“Is this it?”

“How about this?”




If one does have a piercing and ever get sentenced to prison time, do everyone a favor and remove the jewelry before one reports to prison.

I hate hate hate getting called in by security to remove some penile or vulvar hardware because the inmate left it in and can’t figure how to remove it.