Piercing: What's the attraction?

Being an old codger of 39, I don’t understand why piercing is considered decorative. I see some really good looking girl on the street, and then she turns and I see wires through her eyebrows and six studs in her ear. To me, this is about as sexy as the cliche cannibal with a bone through their nose. I know people have done some pretty strange things in the name of fashion, but it’s lost on me.

Soon afterwards, Deimos simply vanished from the sky.

Ditto what Lumpy said. I know taste and opinion are very personal things, so I certainly don’t disparage anyone who likes to go for the multi-pierced look, but I find nothing about it attractive.

This holds true even if I’m watching an erotic scene in a movie. No matter how pretty the woman is, if she sports nipple rings, a pierced navel or genitals, well, instant turn off. Same for tattoos. Yuk.

It is interesting that the only exception is the single piercing in the earlobes. I guess the traditional aspect of this type of adornment doesn’t grate against my basically conservative nature.

Trust me, nipple piercings can be very fun to play with.

Of course, her breasts were fun without them too.

Maybe I just like breasts.

Okay, guys, many people do it for the sexual stimulation reasons - nipples, penis, labia, hood. As for the aesthetic (sp?) of eyebrows, etc. Got me. Maybe just the next generation pushing the edges or rebellion (in some cases).

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It depends on who it is. I see some chic that is totally hot, and then I notice that she has a lebrais (sp?) piericing and it seems to enhance everything.
Then again, there may be a rather plain girl who has an eyebrow pierced and it makes everything worse. It just depends on the person.
A pig in dress is still a pig, and a goddess in a potatoe sack is still a goddess.

how did it start? well i don’t know i just feel the craving. i see the flesh and it smells fresh and it’s just there for the taking…

My theory has always been that it is a reaction against beauty. People got so skilled at looking good in the 80s, that someone had to come up with new ways of looking crappy in the 90s. Granted, piercings (and tattoos, ritual scarification, amputations, etc.) were done before the 90s, but they didn’t really enter the cultural mainstream.

I think all the stupid ways of looking good and the stupid ways of looking crappy should have a fight and destroy each other. No more caked-on makeup, high-heeled shoes, or silicone injections; no more bits of metal stuck into your flesh, penises divided in half at the base, or tattoos of birds of prey on chubby triceps.

Life-size tattoos of Herve Villechaize will persist, however.

Lumpy, don’t feel bad. I’m a 20 year old girl and I can’t stand the things either. They just don’t do it for me…a complete ruin of a fine body otherwise, IMHO. I don’t like tattoos either. I don’t dispute anyone’s right to have these things on their body at all. It’s just not what I would call attractive and be romantically drawn to.

When are you going to realize being normal isn’t necessarily a good thing?

Lumpy had it right. It is exactly the same as putting a bone thru your nose. Never forget, we are Homo sapiens, and evolve no faster than any other species. Our ancient roots are not as far below the surface as we would like to believe.

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I only have three piercings (two in the left ear and one in the right – and no, I’m not gay). I’m in my 30s. I’m not making a statement. I just like them.

If someone has a pierced eyebrow, so what? Do you like the person, or are you more concerned about how a person looks?

Well, if I see a young woman on the street, pretty much all I’m concerned with is how she looks.

Despite being an old curmudgeon of 45, I personally find pierced navels sexy; additional piercings of the ears really don’t matter to me either way. I’ve seen pix of pierced nipples, and I think it’s hot - but I don’t think my wife’s amenable. :slight_smile:

But I really don’t understand pierced tongues. And I’d rather not see them, either.

I have already warned Ukulele Ike that his hoop earring is EXACTLY pinkie-sized and the temptation to hook it and YANK might prove overwhelming.

I always wondered what problems might ensue when people with nose-piercings got colds or hay fever. The LAST thing you want then is one more goddam hole in your nose!

A pig in dress is still a pig, and a goddess in a potatoe sack is still a goddess.

(excuse me, I’m fresh off the turnip truck and easily confused -not sure how to make the “quote” with the lines around it?)

Lexicon, You are wise.

Piercing can be exotic looking, but it can be overdone so easy. A little goes a lllooonnngggg way.
Who, me? WHAT!? Where am I?

Have to agree with you Lumpy, I think it looks just plain stupid myself to have parts pierced other than the ears.

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Boris B said,

I beg to differ. The eighties brought about the poofy bangs and the all around helmet look. VOMIT!

I have a lot of piercings. Currently I have 9 but in the past I have had upwards of 40. I have worn a bone through my nose as well as a 16 penny nail. It just depended on where I was going. Piercings actually intimidate the mundanes out there which is part of the fun of them. Certain piercings (the nipples, the genitals, guiche) actually increase sensitivity and make the areas increasingly orgasmic.

The nose piercing isn’t too bad. Mine has shrunk a little. I can no longer fit my 2 guage bone in and am stuck with a 6 or an 8 when I where it. When I had a cold, I simply took it out. Before I was able to take it out though, it would either get snot-lubed and fall out or just need cleaning more often.

Sue said, “Have to agree with you Lumpy, I think it looks just plain stupid myself to have parts pierced other than the ears.”

Does this mean you don’t love me anymore? :frowning:

That’s alright. Piercings are not for everyone. I was an amatuer piercer for a while and have performed many piercings on myself and others. They are nice to have if that is what you are into. The only difference between people with piercings or tattoos and those without are that the inked and pierced people don’t care whether or not you are inked or pierced.


I’m not argumentative, just right. -Me :wink:

Speaking as a pierced individual, I think that they can be very aesthetic… if done right. I have a nose ring, and I really think it adds something. (It doesn’t show up very well in my picture on OpalCat’s site, but you can see it if you look closely.) It seems to go very well with my facial features, and besides, it draws attention away from the wartlike bump that my nose acquired at some point. That’s as far as I’m going to go with it, though. Anything more would be overdoing it. It’s all just a matter of personal preference, really. I would consider getting my eyebrow or lip pierced, but not my nipples, navel, or anything below the belt. I don’t know, I’ve never found those very appealing. Same for septum piercings. They do absolutely nothing for me. Tongue studs are right out, although I must admit that it is interesting to kiss someone who has one…

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Hey, Eve, lay off already. What, YOUR ears aren’t pierced?

Um, no, my ears AREN’T pierced.

If you weren’t so busy checking out my neck-high Ann Miller gams, maybe you’d have noticed . . .

OK, I know Sqrl already beat me to it, but…ROTFLMAO!!!

I agree that a beautiful person is beautiful, piercings, tatoos, etc or not. My only exception is that I don’t appreciate piercings in the more errogenous zones like the labia, clitoris or nipples. That’s a personal preference though.

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Hmm, I would might get my ear pierced, if only to shock my parents. Don’t see too much in getting your eyebrows or gentalia pierced, gives me the willies just thinking about having a two inch metal stud shot through my cock. I like navel piercings, nose rings are neutral, mostly, and I’ve never actually seen a pierced nipple.

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