Guys, would you get circumsized in order to have sex?

Reading over the comments in the thread about circumcizing baby boys caused me to ponder questions that can only be asked on the Dope. Gentlemen, suppose you meet the woman of your dreams, and she loves you also, but for whatever reasons, religion, culture, or fetish she doesn’t want an uncut penses in her sexual life, in fact, she’s very adament, an uncut penis will never have contact with any part of her body, would you be willing to be circumcized to continue the relationship?

Short answer and given the parameters of the hypothetical, I’d say yes.

i think no matter how you feel towards circumcision, you’d do it just to have sex. men do crazier things for sex.

Huh. Tough question.

I have no moral objection to circumcision, but I’m guessing it’s really, really painful, and it strikes me as being an even more extreme version of a tattoo. Getting something THAT personal and permanent done for the sake of someone else, rather than for yourself, just seems like a really bad idea. If I weren’t already interested in getting circumcised before meeting this mysterious woman, then I think I’d have to find myself another lover.

No, absolutely not. Well, if the controlling fuckhead who made the demand was prepared to arbirtarily amputate a body part of my choosing, then we could think about it. You want me to cut off my foreskin before we have sex? OK, I want you to cut off your left small toe.

I ain’t God’s gift, really, I’m not. But a woman who demanded I got circumcised? Seriously. Even for a shortarsed geek like me, there are other fish in the sea.

It’s a trick question. Said woman’s weird foreskin hangup disqualifies her from being a dream woman. What other strange demands would she make of me during our life together? I certainly won’t stick around to find out.

I don’t know of any religion that requires someone to be circ’d before a woman can have sex with him.

I dated an uncirc’d guy once. Admittedly, it did weird me out. We broke up, but not before he scheduled an appt with his doc. He was actually circumcised a few weeks ago. He had issues with retraction and sex. I tried to tell him what his problem was (phimosis) but he didn’t believe me at first. After he was open with his doc about it, he couldn’t stop thanking me. I’d wager in a few months his new girlfriend will be pleased. He’s 29 years old and has never ejaculated inside a woman. Hate to say it, but the whole penis issue kind of killed our sex life…if he had no issues with his foreskin, I suppose it would’ve been O.K., but I really hated the way it looked. Eh. I loved him and I’m not perfect looking, so I suppose it evened out. :smiley:

as you stated the issue it is kind of a pig in a poke if sexuality is important.

I’d dump her there and then.

Don’t do it. It’s a LIE! I am circumcised and I’m not getting any!

Actually it’s not too bad, painwise. I had to get an adult circumcision due to health reasons, and the small bit of pain over the next few days was easily controlled by basic OTC pain medication. And that was only for a day or two after the Op.

In terms of the OP’s premise however, when I had my foreskin intact, no I wouldn’t have had it chopped just for her. Hell it took my ages of putting up with pain during sex, before I finally manned up and went and saw the doctor about it. Let alone doing it at a whim!

I might get circumcised to have sex but not if I have to have sex on the same day!

Well, maybe after a few beers. Hey, it’s sex right?

Anyone who thinks presenting an ultimatum like that is an acceptable thing to do has enough issues to be automatically disqualified from being ‘the dream match’.

I’m prepared to cut a deal here. Your clitoris sticks out and looks gross; get yours done and I’ll consider getting mine done.

Truly the best answer. No self-respecting woman would get breast implants just because a guy had a big-tit fetish and couldn’t get off without them, or a labiaplasty because her “ears” hang low and he thinks it looks weird. She’d say, fuck you! Then meet another awesome guy who doesn’t have bizarre hangups about normal body parts.

the correct answer is
Sure I’ll get circumcised to have sex - but not for sex with you.


I did get cut (I admitted in that thread that I got cut five weeks ago) so I could have sex, but the issue I was fixing was how it was difficult for me to use condoms with the state my foreskin was in. Someone to demand I was in that state just so we could have sex would not get the privilege of getting near my cock. Far too demanding/controlling.

Nope. Sex is great and all, but it’s not important enough to let a doctor get near me, much less perform surgery on me.

There’s more than one woman in my dreams, and one who insists that I amputate a part of me would probably figure in one of my nightmares rather than in a wet dream, so: No. There’s more fish in the ocean.

This attitude I’ve never understood. I mean, they’re genitals. Does anyone like how they look? Whether it’s women getting labiaplasties or men circumcising, they’re still going to look weird looking, IMO.