Guys, Would You Let Your GF Wear A Thong?

On our last trip to Miamia (SoBeach), my GF mentioned that she needed a new swimsuit…so she hit the stores. A few hours later she returned with a bikini that was about the size of a postage stamp. She put it on(not that there was much there), and I was a little shocked…I didn’t think it was appropriate for someone to waer almost nothing in public. Of course, I have to admit that she looks really sexy in it.
So we went to the beach.and she got a lot of looks. So, was I being posessive? Guys, would you be upsetif your GF wore something that would make a stripper blush?

I think that she should wear whatever she is comfortable with and if she has a healthy enough body image to wear a stamp on a string, I’m 100% behind that. And her :wink:



This is a Great Debate?

My GF and I regularly go to nude resorts so a thong wouldn’t bother me.

Do you have to get her permission before wearing something?

What a silly question! :smiley:

Oh, ralph124c, you should be thankful you didn’t post this in The Pit! At least GD offers you some protection. :smiley:

One, my girlfriend doesn’t need my permission to wear anything. She’s an adult and gets to make up her own mind.

Two, if she wants to wear a thong in public, I’d certainly go along with that. Who cares if other guys look at her? She’s only going home with you, so you might as well make all the other suckers jealous.

I’m with Shodan.

What do you mean let her?

What Shodan said.

Hey, don’t be too hard on him. He wasn’t talking about the GF needing his permission.

I think this is a prefectly valid question. Would you be upset if your partner wore clothes that revealed too much?

I believe that a lot of guys are a bit ambivalent on this topic. On one hand we like it when our SO/wife/etc looks hot but on the other hand we may feel uncomfortable when other guys check her out.

Might be a bit more IMHO than GD though.

Thank you, ralph! I didn’t realize it was possible for Shodan and me to agree on anything! You’ve performed a real public service today.


I’d encourage my GF to wear things “that would make a stripper blush”.

Let? I insist on it.

“Let” could be him refering to “Let her without me confronting her” in another words should he make it an issue or not

My wife refuses to let me have a GF, so it’s kinda moot. :wink:

Am I the first one to ask for a Jpeg? :smiley:

This is kind of silly, but I read the title with the “let” and was already to come in here and whack the OP’er with a dead trout, only to find that several of the mens have already done it. This warms the cockles of my heart. Or would, if I knew what cockles were.

RALPH, if you’re not comfortable with her dressing extra sexy, I think it’s certainly okay for you to talk to her about it. I mean, it doesn’t sound like you’re trying to put her in a burka. But I think you should first consider whether you really have any reasonable grounds to object and, if you don’t, you probably shouldn’t. If the best you can come up with is that you don’t like other men looking at a woman who “belongs” to you (my word, not yours), then you should realize that your reaction is perhaps understandable but nevertheless irrational, and not say anything.


OK, maybe I was a little too quick to pick out one word in the OP, and the Lovely and Talented Mrs.** Shodan** is still a woman who turns heads, and would do in anything she wore.

But she was able to pick out her own clothes and look very nice before we were married, and I don’t see that she needs my advice very often now. My reactions when we go to the gym together, and I spot men eyeing her are much more along the lines of “Neener neener neener - I get to sleep with her and you never will” than fierce jealousy.

Besides, ralph124c, as you grown in years, you will realize there is only one way to prevent a woman from wearing something that you don’t like.

When she is preparing to put it on, put your arm around her, smile into her eyes, and say, “You know you are always beautiful to me. That’s why I am so glad you got over that nonsense about worrying how your ass looks in that.”

Then run. Don’t look back.


It is rare indeed that I agree with Shodan, but that was my first thought.

Let? You don’t “let” her do anything-she either does it or she doesn’t.