Gwen Steffani

Hey do any of yous guys know gwen seffanis bra size. I am curious and very appreiciative of any effort of a response

                                             Lil' Bastard



Are you planning on buying one for her?

She looks to be about a 34B. But I’m wondering how exactly you’re going to get close enough to her to make that information count for something. There are laws specifically to prosecute people like that, you know.

And if all you’re doing is fantasizing, well, you can make her any size you want.

WAIT- you’re not making a Gewn Stefani suit a la Silence of the Lambs, are you?!?!?!

Well, Pup, it is Halloween! :eek:

I think I read somewhere it was a 41cg4x, specifically made by Polystyrene Industries. The bet thing to do is to call up your friendly, local department store and make sure I told you the correct model number.

In the Don’t Speak video, she looked to be barely an A cup, in my opinion. That was many, many moons ago, though.

What an interesting choice of BBs to post this question on. There are so many where this sort of thing would be the norm, sparking days of heated debate.

Why put it here?


Why don’t you ask her husband - Gavin Rossdale from the band Bush for the size. I’ll bet he’ll have the answer.

She looks to be about a 34B?

Are you kidding? She is no bigger than a A. And as skinny as she is she’s probably barely pushing 34. I’d say 34 A at the most.

Tits a mystery, tats for sure.


I’m doing my damndest to get that answer for you.

What I find really sad was at the No Doubt concert I went to last November, there were a bunch of guys yelling, “Take it off” at Ms. Stefani. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but all yelling like that will ever do is piss people off- shouldn’t people know that by now?

Who cares what bra size she is, honestly? Grow up.

Troy, you have quite obviously never been to New Orleans.

Gwen Stefani…


Hang on, this’ll just take a second, be right back.

–grope grope–


Thanks, Gwen hon.

Yeah, if they’d only offered her beads!

By the looks of this, it looks like a little more than a mouthful, and that’s all that matters.

Karen O is much better :stuck_out_tongue: