Buxom board babes, Lane Bryant wants to hear from you

Lane Bryant is working on launching a new line of bras, and a new bra fitting service, and they want to hear from women who wear large cup sizes.

If this applies to you, by all means, please go take the survey- maybe we can get some representation:

Lane Bryant Survey

I’ll have to tell Pepper Mill. She shops at Lane Bryant, and she’s definitely Bux.

Wow, that was a cool survey. I wish at the end they would have said “ok we’re going to make a bra that fixes all these issues JUST FOR YOU. We’ll email you when we’re done.”


Mrs Labtrash is a 42DD

I’ll send the link to her

Can’t do this right now, but will later. Thanks for the heads up!

“Your custom bra will be waiting at your nearest Lane Bryant store. It’ll cost $100 and you’ll beg to be allowed to tip the sales clerk because it will be just that awesome.”

That’s what I want. Also, it should light up, or have a cargo pocket in the cleavage.

I was very explicit in my answers that most of my problems are with Lane Bryant bras and not other brands. Underwires mauling my flesh? Only at LB. Bras literally breaking? LB. Bras riding up my back, buckling, and self destructing? LB.

Their sizing is also wonky. In any other store, I can get a 38 DD or a 40 D and it fits beautifully (I recently discovered the plus line at Fredrick’s and am in LOVE)-- at LB, I can’t even buckle something under a 42 and even then, it’s tight and pinchy all over. Don’t even get me started on their cup shapes that are so much more unflattering than . … every freaking store. Don’t get me wrong, I get that not everybody wants to have porn star looking boobs like I do, but Jesus Christ, a bra should never pull my boobs DOWN (and yet, almost all LB bras DO).

Huh? Just about all bras have a cargo pocket in the cleavage, IME.

Mrs. Hollister is a 44DD and loves the Cacique store (inside LB). We just spent a little over $100 on frilly undergarments there a couple weeks and she is very happy with the purchases. I’ll let her know about the survey.

I took the survey (or the first page of it) but they said “sorry, you’re not the right size.”
But I am! I’m a 42 DD!

I feel so rejected.

Really? I said I was a 42 F, and it let me take the poll. How odd.

Ha! I snuck in with a different email addy!

Dude, some of those questions were kinda sketchy. How firm are my breasts? What shape are they? Are we sure this survey was designed by Lane Bryant and not some pervy 14 year old?

You know how when you grab a woman’s breast… it feels like… a bag of sand.


Uhh, why did they tell me that the measurement over my breasts (not the fullest part, or the part under it) had to be 38" or more?

Another one hoping they email me with the bra of my dreams …

I can have dreams of a great bra from Lane Bryant but I won’t hold my breath. I quit buying their bras a number of years ago. However, the survey was asking a lot of good questions so I will have to go skulking around their stores until I see new bras advertised.

Who the heck cares about nipples showing if they can’t even find a bra that fits?!?

(Wacoal to the rescue on the fit issue. I may never wear anything else.)

It most definitely applies to me: I very much want to hear from women who wear large cup sizes!

Best wishes,

I was wondering this too - I’m actually 35 but I just put 38 in so I could carry on with the survey.

FWIW, it said you have to be over 36 or over a C - both was not required.