gymnastics question

I’m a fairly rabid fan of women’s gymnastics. Got a question for other fans/historians of the sport—I know that there are tons of skills named after various gymnasts. I’ve been wondering recently—which gymnast pioneered the Def (release on uneven bars)?

Also—many of my gym books refer to a forward salto on unevens as a Radochla salto up until about the seventies, then it seems that folks started calling it a Jaeger. What’s up with this??

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Did they catch the rabid animal which bit you? Actually, I didn’t know fans could transmit rabies! :wink:

I think you mean you’re an avid fan of gymnastics!

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The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition.

** rabid ** 1. Of or afflicted with rabies. 2. ** overzealous, fanatical: * a rabid football fan * ** Latin * rabidus < rabere, * to rave.

I must admit…I’ve (obviously) never heard the word used in that fashion! :o

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Hey booklover,
Hello to my fellow avid/rabid gymn fan! :slight_smile: Did you see this year’s worlds?

I don’t know the precise answers to your Jaeger/Def questions, but could any of the names have migrated from men’s high bar, since the skills are often similar? Just a WAG. For a real answer, you might check the Out of Boundness message board. They’re a font of detailed knowledge over there.

I’ve been on the OutofBoundsness board a few times, but I find it difficult to navigate. Saw the women’s AA/event finals from this year’s world, but the person taping them for me goofed on the team finals so I couldn’t watch them.

Sooo disappointed about Brenda Magana breaking her nose…really wanted to see her throw her triple back, since so few women have done that.

I agree about the OOBN message board software. It’s terribly unwieldy. Here’s what I found out about the Def:

From Hope that helps.

Also, here’s a gif of Nadia doing what this site calls a Radochla. It doesn’t look like a Jaeger.

Thanks D Marie—I’m very familiar w/shanfan’s site. What Nadia’s doing in that clip is a Radochla with transition to the low bar, so what she’s doing on the high bar is the Radochla itself.

To me, that looks a whole lot like a straddle Jaeger–she does catch in mixed grip, which lends a slightly different look but is still basically the same skill (front salto).

I dunno—I know gymnastics skills have all kinds of different names. Maybe I’m just being picky :slight_smile: