H. L. Hunt Bankrolled JFK Assassination? Ever Heard of This?

In one of my late-night insomnia sessions, I was reviewing comments on the IMDB.com site, on the old Michael Caine movie (“The Billion Dollar Brain”-one of my faves).
In one of the user reviews, I caught this statement: Just wanted to add a few foot notes concerning the vastly under rated plot line of Billion Dollar Brain. The character of Midwinter was actually based on H. L. Hunt, the Texas oil and ketchup king who ran his own international spy network (occasionally doing jobs on the side for the CIA), was insanely anti-Russian, and (according to the death bed claims of E. Howard Hunt) may have bank rolled the murder of JFK.
Anybody ever heard of this? I never have read anything that made such a claim.
So, for you JFK Assassination junkies: What’s the Straigh Dope??:cool:

I’d never heard that HL was involved in the conspiracy to kill JFK. I have heard about the E. Howard Hunt deathbed confession and for years prior I had heard that EH was a potential conspirator.

The claim is that Jim Braiden (petty criminal/bookie/arrested/interrogated by the Dallas PD after the assassination for “acting suspicious”) met with Hunt the day before the assassination, and that Braiden had links with Carlos Marcello (Mafia “boss” of New Orleans, deported by the Justice Department during the Kennedy administration and vowed revenge on the Kennedy brothers), Santos Trafficante (Member of the Miami Mafia, big investor in Havana casinos pre-Castro, involved with the CIA in some fairly stupid and failed plots to kill Castro), and David Ferrie (private investigator, had no body hair, strong anti-Communist, involved in some private anti-Castro plots, supposedly upset with Kennedy for withdrawing air support during Bay of Pigs, accused by Jim Garrison of being part of a plot to kill Kennedy, supposedly “hypnotized Oswald” to get him to shoot Kennedy, played by Joe Pesci in Oliver Stone’s movie).

Haven’t you figured it out by now? EVERYONE was involved in the assasination plot!!!

Most elaborate suicide ever.

You read the Warren Report then.

Old old old story. Yes, I heard a version of this story decades ago.

Yep. Extremely old. Watch the movie “Executive Action” ca. 1973. The old guy with the moustache, Will Geer is supposed to be (kinda) HL Hunt.
You must be a noob to the JFK thing. Hunt is quite the suspect. Somewhere out there is a note, allegedly from Oswald, to a 'Mr. Hunt", asking, uh, I can’t remember, but, it makes for some good speculating. If either of them is the real McCoy.
Dunno if the internet is the place to find the Hunt thing. It may be more of a book thing.
BTW, Hunt wasn’t anti-Russian; he was anti-Communist.

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I don’t know about bankrolling the assasination, but he was present, along with J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, LBJ, Dallas Mayor Cabell (who changed the motorcade route to drive right by the Texas book depository building - and the grassy knoll, and was brother to C.I.A. deputy director General Charles T. Cabell (who was fired by JFK for his role in the disasterous bay of pigs invasion of Cuba) , a high level CIA officer, Carlos Marchello (New Orleans mafia don), and quite a number of other texas oil “high rollers” at a meeting at Clint Murchison’s lodge, outside of Dallas, for both a party and, later, near the end of the party, a select meeting, including all of the above on November 21, 1963 (the night before the assassination). After the meeting, LBJ came out and whispered to his long time mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, “those son of a bitch Kennedys will never embarrass me again, after tomorrow.” Parts of her interview are available on YouTube, as well as the full interview, at this website:

The conspiracy deniers have a multitude of excuses (that supposedly disprove every conspiracy claim) for every single piece of evidence in favor of a conspiracy, but that doesn’t mean the evidence is wrong. In fact, the accumulated evidence, for anyone wanting to study it in detail, is overwhelming. (see also, David Lifton’s book, “The Best Evidence” as well as an update on this line of evidence by Douglas P. Hornes, Cheif Analyst for Military Records, Assasination Records Review Board, in his seminal work, "Inside the Assasination Records Review Board (2009). Do a little digging and you will know there was a conspiracy involving most of the criminal vested interests that were in control of the US government in 1963 and continue to have vast illegal influence today.

I think my favorite JFK assassination story may be the confession by Woody Harrelson’s father that he did it. Charles Harrelson, who looks remarkably like Woody, was a hitman, but he later retracted his confession.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re NOT out to get you.

IIRC, he denied it at first. It is amusing to watch the series “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” when he is confronted with the photos of the 3 tramps. Watch him looking at the photos. He is either 1. Struck by the resemblance of the tall one to himself, or else he is 2. Trying to think of a good lie! YMMV.
Like I said amusing.

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I’m not going to go into the rest of your post, but this is certainly not true. The decision was made to hold the Dallas luncheon at the Trade Mart by Kennedy aide Lawrence O’Donnell on November 14th, and he communicated that on that with two Secret Service agents in Dallas, Winston Lawson and Forrest Sorrels. It was Lawson and Sorrels’ responsibility to work out the motorcade route. They did so on November 15th, settling on the route that was taken, and then met with the Dallas police (Police Chief Curry, Assistant Chief Batchelor, and Deputy Chief Fisher), who accepted their proposed route without making any alterations. On November 18th, they drove the route a final time and then let the White House know. The Dallas papers reported the route on November 19th and 20th.

The mayor had no input on the route and the route was never changed. The route that Agents Lawson and Sorrels established on November 15th was the route that the presidential motorcade took.

Oh, so they were in on it too? :eek:

Some of us in small ways. I watered the grassy knoll.

Next time use the porta john.

Did they even have them in 1963?

I’m impressed. They decided to kill Kennedy on the evening of November 21 and he was dead twelve hours later. That’s one well-organized conspiracy.

No, that’s why it was so long until another assassination attempt.