H. V Frequency over range - huh?

H.V Frequency over range is the message that appears on my daughters computer monitor right before it goes dark.

This usually occurs after the monitor has been on for about an hour or so. I’ve used the escape key, mouse, the on/off button of the monitor and it will not recover without rebooting the computer. What does this mean and how would I adjust/fix this? I really don’t have the pennies for a new monitor just now.

Thanks in advance for any insight shared.

Since rebooting the computer is the only thing that fixes the problem, it sounds like your computer’s video card is sending a video signal to the monitor that is outside of its legal values of horizontal or vertical frequency ranges.

This might be caused by either a worn-out video card or by there being a problem with the drivers currently installed. Go to the website for the company that manufactures the card, and grab the latest release of the drivers, and see if that makes the problem stop happening.

I would check the refresh rate setting in the video drivers and turn it down a notch. It would appear the setting you are using now is right at the ragged edge of what the monitor can handle.

Also worth a try is to check that your cables are snugged up. Your monitor cable should have a couple of thumb-screws (the good kind, not those things that raise beads of sweat on your forehead) that attach it to the video card; make sure they are tight. Also, if the above mentioned suggestions from Punoqllads and scotth don’t do the trick, try re-seating your video card. It sounds that you may be experiencing an intermittent loss of signal to the monitor; the monitor on my work computer displays the same message if i shut it down without turning the monitor off.

Actually, what octothorpe says is good info. I do have some monitors at work that will display something like “synch out of range” when the PC is off.

I could be the the PC and/or video card is just completely locking up and not outputing video at all anymore.

A good test that doesn’t require any additional hardware. If reboot bring the monitor back online, unplugging and pluggin it back in should as well.

Amplifying octothorpes suggestion, if you are comfortable opening the case, make sure all the cards are firmly and completely seated, as well as the video cables.

Make sure that there is adequate ventilation as well, especially for the video card.

I just knew ya’ll would come through for me ~ thanks ever so much!

I don’t know which suggestion worked - I tried almost all of them - but one did :slight_smile: She’s been running for 4 hours now without a glitch. You’ve just saved this homeschooling mom from scrimping and saving to buy a new monitor before we officially start school.

Thanks again :smiley: