HA HA HA! My friend thought Butler Paul Hogan was the Crocodile Dundee one!

My friend called me today asking me if I’ve seen Paul Hogan lately, cuz he happened to catch him on the game show “Pyramid” and he said “OMG he looks soooooo different!”

I couldn’t believe my friend actually thought it was the Croc. Dundee Paul Hogan! I mean, c’mon! No amount of plastic surgery could do that!

I laughed and I laughed.

At one point I thought Bob Marley was the ghost in “Christmas Carol”.

You mean he wasn’t??? :frowning:


IMDB had the two Paul Hogans listed as the same person as of last week. I think they’ve corrected it now, though.

Ya, mon, you gonna be visited by t’ree ghosts tonight. It’s not gonna be jammin’, but you gotta stand up to it.

My dad thought Bono from U2 and Sonny Bono were the same person.

I still think Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan are the same person.