Ha Ha!!! Jay Leno gets duped by LandoverBaptist

Tonight Jay Leno had his weekly “Headlines” segment, in which he lampoons poor spelling, strange stories, and silly mistakes in the print media. But he slipped up a bit tonight.

One of his “Headlines” was this ad.

The image he had was not of the whole ad, but only of the top part of the graphic, showing the main heading and the pictures of the cellphones. Quite plainly visible on the copy he displayed were the words Landover Baptist.

No big deal, but pretty funny that he fell for it.

Do you really think that Jay L gathers thei stuff himself? Even sees it more then 30 mintues to AIrtime?

His staff made him look silly,but Jay himself is not so. course it is his show so…

Kinda like plaming the prez for what congress does. Thats what happens but that don’t mean it’s right.

Besides, anybody with a jaw like that who can use his mug to make as much $$$ as he does, well, Go Jay !!!

YMMV and prolly does… :smiley:

No. No i don’t. I guess i just thought that went without saying, so i didn’t bring it up.

Ehh, I minded it more when he mocked an ad for “Waffulls,” not knowing that it is the actual name of a product and NOT a blatant misspelling.