Jay Leno's Headlines: Was tonight's episode (7/18) censored?

Tonight’s episode of “Headlines” on the Jay Leno show ended very strangely. The last article was something about a kidnapped dog whose name wasn’t being mentioned because it may help the dognappers…and then went on to say, “Losing NICKY is like losing a part of our family!” (Hardy har har.) Suddenly the screen dissolved to the Headlines Address screen, which normally doesn’t happen until after Jay starts saying, “If you want to send in a headline…” and when they came back, there was a completely different article on Jay’s desk, sort of like a green & white menu which had nothing to do with the missing dog story.

Was the ending joke seen on the East Coast, but got censored for the West? Or did the Eastcoasters see the same thing?

Didn’t see the original broadcast but was flipping through channels and landed on a Leno headlines segment. If it was a re-broadcast of tonight’s ep then the dog story was excised completely. The last story shown was a picture of Bush in front of some bunting and Leno said something about Bush’s “beautiful gown.” Other stories included a photo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner with a mysterious black hand on Affleck’s shoulder and a man claiming his neighbour switched glass eyes with him without permission.

If that wasn’t a rebroadcast of the earlier show, then I got nothin’.

That was last week’s show. You must have caught the 2:05 a.m. broadcast, which is always a repeat of the show from one week earlier.

Eastcoaster here and I saw that, too.

I think the joke had to do with confusing the initials “W.C.” for “wayside chapel” instead of “water closet”.

I just thought he was running short on time?

I think Meeko got it. The show probably ran a couple minutes long, so they went back and edited out bits, such as the weaker headlines, until it fit properly into its time slot.