Jay Leno

I watched a few times when it changed to 10 p.m. and usually only enjoyed the Headlines.
I kept forgetting to watch and then tried to catch headlines but it wasn’t there anymore, unless they started doing it at the beginning instead of the end.
Does he still do headlines?

Yes, but he did change the time to the next segment after the monologue of every Monday show.

I love Headlines, loved it on the old show, caught it a few times in the new spot.

FWIW, XBOX 360 has Headlines collections for purchase on the cheap, a 20-30 minute collection of Jay Leno headlines for like, >200 MS points. I believe there are multiple [different] collections taken from many Monday nights.

Headlines has always been the only reason to watch Leno.

Caught Headlines a few weeks ago, and there was zero material there. The entire country has finally run out of laughable typos and ill-considered picture captions, because I’m sure if there were a single one left, someone would have sent it to Leno.

Didn’t laugh once – didn’t even smile. Just wished someone would put the poor man out of his misery.

Very sad.

Maybe he would be funnier if he started banging the women who work for him.