Habits of someone you live with, that is driving you nuts

My first husband, who I was married to for 20 years constantly shuffled his feet, whenever he walked throughout the house. It drove me crazy listening to him shuffle over here, then shuffle, shuffle, shuffle over there. Not the reason we got divorced.

Married again. This guy… every single time he’s in the shower, he blows his nose (very loudly). There are no tissues in there. This has to be happening straight into his bare hands. This is cringe worthy, where the shuffling was more of an annoyance.

I assume that, in the shower, he can wash hands immediately. Shuffling would annoy me a lot more.

My husband snores like a chainsaw mating with a freight train. He can’t help it. I only get annoyed if he gets bitchy when I take a blanket and sleep on the sofa. (If I fall asleep first, it’s okay. If he starts snoring before I’m asleep, I have to hit the couch. No one could fall asleep in the same room.)

The other people I live with are aged 4, 6, 15, and 18. They’re pretty much annoying. Because they’re 4, 6, 15, and 18.

Despite not living in a sitcom, my wife has decided she needs a catchphrase. About every fifth sentence coming from her mouth ends with …Really??? Really!!!

Just telling her to shut up doesn’t work. It takes superhuman effort to not strangle her.

This is a little quirk I’ve been dealing with for over 30 years - I do my best to just ignore it…

If we’re watching TV and a story comes on about, for example, a woman who left her husband to join a traveling tambourine band, I know I’m about to be asked “Would you leave me to join a traveling tambourine band?” Honestly, I don’t know if he’s half-serious or if he’s just messing with me because he knows it makes me crazy. But I wouldn’t miss it if he quit doing it altogether.

He hawks lugies when sick. (I have no idea how to spell that.) My dad did that, too, and it’s fucking gross and it literally makes my stomach turn. I understand he can’t help it, and he understands that I can’t help how sick it makes me. We’ve come to a certain kind of resolution, instead of making “gross” faces when he does it, I have developed a sort of silly cheer (hack it up! hack it up!) and he is discreet and respectful about doing it.

But it’s still fucking gross and nasty. He’s lucky I love him so!

No hands necessary: he’s blowing it directly into the bottom of the tub and letting the shower water take it away. I’m sure it’s no consolation, but he likely urinates and masturbates in there, too. Sweet dreams.

OMG I just wrote a screed and it makes me look like we need a family intervention. Maybe we do, but here is one small thing.

So how about… He usually makes something dinner-like for breakfast. Kraft Dinner is a favourite. Every morning I rise to find the empty box, and the “cheese” packet sitting on the counter. Not once does the packet find the garbage, nor does the cardboard box every get to the recycling bin, depite the fact he walks past the recyling bin a) after he eats to go outside to smoke, and b) when he leaves the house.

Then there is the pot that he leaves beside the computer. With the dry stuck on noodles on it. This morning I tried to soak the pot before we left the house (I drive him to the nearest skytrain station) and he told me he didn’t have time for that. Ugh.

The thing that dives me a little nuts, is actually a good thing.

When traveling by air, my Wife wants a LOT of extra time at the airport. Or to travel to the airport. Just in case. Often, we sit at the boarding gate for an hour or two before our plane leaves. Sometimes 3.

But, we can read, eat, drink or wander. And a travel day by flying is usually just shot to hell anyway.

This does often mean getting up at 3am. But it has saved our bacon more than once. And neither of us like to rush.

My husband was raised in a foster home and had been taught to be almost obsessively tidy. I don’t like a dirty environment, but some untidiness doesn’t bother me in the least. I could never break him of the habit of following me around and tidying up after me. I tried. I pleaded, cried, shouted, pouted, but nothing worked. Finally I just accepted it as my due - diva that I am lol - and let him wait on me.

I read these threads to confirm to myself that I am past the stage where I could live with another person, ever again. I’m annoyed just reading about these habits. :wink:

My wife has a habit of putting things near where they need to go, but not quite there. Something needs to get put away in the basement? It is left at the top of the stairs. Stuff needs to be put in the refrigerator? They get stacked on the counter right next to the fridge. Kitchen trash needs to be taken out? It gets as far as the door out to the garage (or maybe just inside the garage) but not actually into the trash container.

Amen. If I didn’t give birth to you, please don’t live with me. Including aforesaid partner, unfortunately he kind of likes it here and intends to stay.

She has to sleep with a fan blowing in her face. Which means I have a fan blowing at my head. Every night I have to build a pillow barricade. It is a good thing we have a ton of pillows on the bed.

Not a habit, but I’ll hop on in anyway.

The SharkWife is a lefty. Since she is retired and is in charge of most things house-y (by her own preference), things like the microwave, coffee maker, toilet paper threading, and so on are for a lefty’s convenience – as it should, of course, be in this situation.

But dang if I don’t feel snorty when the microwave door flips open on the “wrong” side, I knock over the coffee pot with my left elbow, and so on . . . :dubious:

We just returned from a vacation, so this one is fresh in my mind.

When we travel, he spends a huge amount of time figuring out how all the gadgety things in the new environment work. We’ll sit in the car at the rental facility for half an hour while he works out how all the bells and whistles work. He’ll spend hours at the rental home fiddling with the wi-fi connection, the cable TV, the thermostat. This is totally because he can’t leave gadgets alone, not because it’s necessary for our safety or comfort. Hours of precious, scarce vacation time are wasted while he does this.

There’s no fighting it, I just have to find something else to do while he plays IT department during our holiday time.

Oh, so many to choose from. When he would yawn, the former bf would let out a little sing song as he exhaled . . . “HOOO HOOOO HOOOOOOO” WTF??? After 8 years together he failed to grasp any of my food likes and dislikes, such as I do not eat cheese. I hate cheese. I will not eat anything that has touched cheese. Yet he’d always offer me a bit of whatever cheese laden thing he was eating. Every meal that involved bread he’d ask “don’t you want any butter?” :smack:How it can possibly escaped his notice that I detest butter is beyond me but we had the same exchange doezens and dozens of times. Then, if the bread was in the form of a loaf, he would use the same butter covered knife to cut himself another piece. Thanks, I didn’t want anymore anyway:rolleyes:

In the remote chance that you were considering leaving your wife for me, I too have that trait, so…you know, don’t do that. :slight_smile:

(It’s because I am super anxious about missing my flight and can’t relax at home waiting for the decent hour to leave for the airport to arrive, so I might as well go to the airport right now and wait there, in boredom, but at peace.)

There have been small things over the years, but I chose to either deal with them or to ignore them, as small grievances have a tendency to combine to become deal-breakers over time. She is honest, faithful, loving and generous, and that overshadows any petty annoyance that I might come up with. I am a lucky man.

Her verbs never agree with her subjects. That sort hold life cheap.

Leaving on every goddamn light in the house.



The laundry room. Which is also the only room in the house that you can’t turn on the light upon entering the room from another room. Due to a stupid choice made while renovating this place that has never been corrected, you can only turn on the light from the outside door, which means going all the way across the room…which is usually an obstacle course of baskets, piles of clothes, cases of pop, bags of potatoes, and other miscellaneous hazards. Therefor the only room in the house that leaving the light on all the time is not only reasonable, but necessary.