Hacked email account

I am fairly certain that my work email account has been hacked. Now I would like to find out who was doing that. Is it likely that I will be able to track down this person if I contact the IT department. Is it likely that they have a log of the IP address of everyone who accesses my email? Unless I have a reasonable expectation of success in tracking the person down I do not want to let them know that I screwed up.

Man up - your IT department have to know about the problem so they can take appropriate measures, check your PC for malware, tighten security and a bunch of other remedial actions.

Your desire to cover your own arse is pretty small beer compared to protecting the company assets and customer data.

Yes, it’s very likely. Also what si_blakely said.

While I can’t think of what way you think you screwed up by being the victim of hacking, if your IT dept is like others I’ve worked with, they’ve probably seen FAR worse.

Go into your e-mail account and change the password. Ssy you lost your password, and follow the security steps to recover it. Now, the hacker doesn’t know your password anymore.