Hacker claims to have stolen Harry Potter manuscript, posts "spoilers."

Interesting story here. Some hacker says he got into the computers at Bloomsbury using something called a “milw0rm” (whatever that is. I know nothing about computers) and found the manuscript for Deathly Hallows.

“Gabriel” appears to be – or at least is pretending to be – some kind of religious nutbag who thinks Harry Potter is evil. Here is what he gives as his motive:

So yeah, nutcase, but I think it’s strange that Scholastic won’t comment on whether the spoilers are true. I think refusing to deny them gives me more pause than I would normally have about dismissing some blowhard hacker’s claim on the internet. After reading the spoilers, though (and after reading Gabriel’s stated motives), I think the spoilers are probably bullshit.

For anyone who is interested, this is the link to Gabriel’s post at Insecure.org.

And these are the alleged spoilers:

Looking over the spoilers again, I’m even more convinced they’re bullshit. They just don’t sound anything like what Rowling would do with these characters and the denouement contains no real information.

I kind of wish Scholastic would just SAY the spoilers are bullshit but maybe they think the publicity is good. I don’t know.

Anyway, do these spoilers look plausible to anyway else? Can anyone with computer knowledge comment on whether his alleged technique for getting into the Bloomsbury computers sound believable? This is just another full-of-crap internet bullshit artist, right?

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