Had my Cat Spayed, so why is she eating like a COW!!!

our vet said to expect her appetite to increase, but I don’t understand why it would… when she was spayed she was 7.5 mos and very active before and after surgery. Other research indicates cats gaining weight post surgery is NOT true, so what gives??? The poor thang cries and cries if i dont give her more food, it’s pitiful!!!

It just might be that the surgery affected her appetite. Try feeding her all she can eat once or twice.

I have a Shih Tzu that loves “Greenies,” a toothbrush shaped molded edible plastic like substance that is dense, tough, and hard to chew. I gave her the large end which was too big for her to get a good bite. Gave her the handle end which she chewed down to the knob end. She gave up and went to bed but still very possesive of the big piece. We have cut down on her regular rations as she is gaining a bit of weight.

In the immediate post-operative period (say two weeks) there is an increased caloric need for tissue healing. After that, you can expect a decreased metabolic rate and therefore decreased caloric need. Pets that gain weight after being altered are being fed too much. You should feed to effect. If she gains, feed less.