Kitty Goes Under the Knife in the Morning

My 6 month old kitty, Patches, goes in for her spaying in the morning. The vet said we can’t give her any food or water past 6 pm. That seems a really long time to go without water. Tonight is going to be a long night. I wish it was tomorrow already and it was all over.

I have an anxiety disorder so everything about this situation freaks me out. I’m worried she’s going to die of dehydration before the surgery. And I’m worried that after the surgery once we let her go outside for the first time that she’s going to run away and never come back.

But mostly I’m just worried because that’s my job and it’s what I do best. It’s only 7:23 pm. I really wish it was tomorrow… :frowning:

Your cat will not starve, or die from dehydration. Millions of cats and dogs have been through this, and were better off for it.

It’s never easy to see someone, or something, you love go under the knife. Keep us posted.

Thanks nearwildheaven! She goes in at 8 am and we don’t get her back until 4. It’s only 8:24 pm now.

It will all be well, I am sure. Try not to worry. Keep in mind a spayed cat generally lives a longer life. You will have her longer, and that’s always better. Good luck tonight.

Actually, a spayed animal is less likely to wander, IIRC. Although if you’re that worried, you might want to think about keeping her indoors. In fact, I personally think cats SHOULD be kept inside.

Thanks Beckdawrek!

She’s just sitting up high on a shelf looking forlornly down at me, right now. I do like the idea of her living longer. Wonder what will happen if she finds and eats a bug while we’re sleeping/not looking? She’s a really smart cat.

One time I was neglectful and didn’t realize her water dish was empty. She kept meowing at me all morning but I didn’t get what was wrong, so finally she slides her empty water dish into the middle of the room, so I can’t miss it when I get up to leave.

Guinastasia, if it were up to me she would be kept inside, but this is my mom’s house and she believes all cats should be allowed to go outside.

It’s now 4 am, and she hasn’t been meowing at me at all. I found her just now sleeping on her favorite chair. It definitely makes me thing maybe she’s been chowing down on bugs. But we don’t know that she has, maybe she’s just the sweetest kitty in the world? I am really going to miss her if she dies. ;(

I feel ya. I’d tell you she’d be fine, but I have an anxiety disorder myself, and I know all the logic in the world doesn’t help when you have an episode. So here, have some internet hugs: {{{{hugs}}}

Thank you for the hugs! :slight_smile:

Hugs back

We made it through the night, so just two hours till we take her in.

I’m confident all will go well! :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, is this standard? I don’t remember a restriction like this from when mine were spayed, but that was a long time ago.

I do remember the vet called me at work after the surgery, just to let me know the kitties were doing fine.

Patches is home safely!!! She made it through the surgery and was meowing in annoyance at being shoved back into her too-small carrier. She’s kinda aimless, right now. Wandering around sniffing everything. We had to move her food and water because I kept it up on my desk but we don’t want her jumping, so it’s on the floor. She found it but isn’t interested in it yet. But she did just get home. From reading others experiences on here I wasn’t expecting her to be hungry right away. I hope she eats or at least drinks something by bedtime though.

Oh, great! It’s all over. Now you can relax. Her appetite will come raging back soon, I promise.
Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

What do they administer for that sort of procedure? Medetomidine ? That has a half-life of about an hour, so it should completely wear off after a few hours.

She will resume eating and drinking when she’s ready. I’m sure they kept her well hydrated while she was there.

And NO KITTENS, as cute as they are.

It’s 7:30 and she’s still sleeping. She fell asleep on the guest bed. So adorable. I’m going to trust that she’ll eat and drink when she’s ready. It would make me feel better if I thought the vet gave her something to hydrate her while she was there. I don’t know if they did. They didn’t send her home with any pain meds, but they did give her a dewormer.

I am very glad she is home safely and that I don’t have to dread this anymore. The vet said not to touch her or pick her up and that she should be back to her old self tomorrow, so we shall see. everything crossed

Does she have a shaved arm? She should; that’s where they put her IV, which was probably removed shortly before you picked her up.

Pets are rarely sent home with pain meds, because if they’re stable enough to go home, they’re feeling good enough to be active, and TOO active if they’re not having pain. The vet probably gave her a long-acting local anesthetic, and this is usually adequate.

Nope, her arm isn’t shaved and she is definitely in pain. She isn’t being as still as she should be. She likes to claw her way up on her bed to sleep, then she keeps jumping down to go see what we’re doing. Just now she jumped up on my mom’s lap. She’s having a really hard time getting comfortable, poor thing. If she’d quit moving around so much that would help. She was in heat so the vet said she would be cranky, and she definitely is cranky. Still hasn’t wanted to eat or drink. But she wants affection, just a little bit, then she gets up and leaves.

If she’s moving, she’s OK in the long run.

DO NOT give her any OTC pain medications, because they can kill a cat. If you’re still worried in the morning, don’t hesitate to give the vet a call. They’ve heard everything, many times before.

Hugs to your kitty.