I miss my kitty. (She's not dead.)

Don’t worry, she’s ok.

As a result of the advice in this thread, I took kitty in to the vet today. The doctor says she’s super healthy for 18 - good teeth, tummy working properly, nice clean ears, etc. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any urine in her bladder to test for the UTI. So I had to leave her overnight (they’ll board one night for free).

Now there is no kitty in my tiny studio. No fuzzy annoyance on my lap. No snuzzling on my hands as I try to type. No meow. And when I go to bed, I will have nothing to snorgle with - not only do I not have a kitty but the boyfriend is sick too, and we’re at our respective houses.

I get her back tomorrow, but tonight I’m kind of at a loss.

Sorry she had to spend the night away. I have three kitties and can’t imagine any one of them away, even with the other two to keep company. You made the right decision, though, from what I read in the other thread. Hope she’s okay.

The only other consideration I can think of with her age is possibly arthritis. If she’s feeling pain when she jumps up or down, she may be choosing to just not jump. Oh, I could tell you unfortunate stories of cats returned to the shelter because the adopter refused to simply put litter boxes on the 1st floor instead of in the basement where the arthritic cats couldn’t go anymore… but it’s really sad.

Good for you trying your best to do what you can for your kitty. I’ve seen people put their pets down for less. Shelter work can be really depressing, if it weren’t for the greater rewards I’d have to find something else to do.

You’re a terrific person to have taken in this girl who had unfortunate circumstances. Trying to keep her out of any kind of shelter situation may be hard on you, but you have no idea what you’ve saved her from. You’re being a good mom, and you’ll have her back soon!

Maybe call BF in the middle of the night anyway. It’s Valentine’s Day already!

No kitty. Sick kitty. Dead kitty. Rules still apply, needs pics.
(Okay, maybe not for dead kitty, but you brought that up in the title.)

There’s a thread with kitty pics around here somewhere.

I mentioned the “not dead yet” because I didn’t want anyone to see the title, make an assumption, and then think I’d been overdramatic. Didn’t want to concern anyone.

I’m happy she’s mostly healthy, and if this is something we can’t fix with antibiotics we’ll just have to keep doing a lot of laundry.

Awwww, I’m sorry you’re missing your kitty. I hope the pee issue turns out to be something treatable.

She’s home to rule the roost again. No word on the actual diagnosis though.

She’s climbing on everything!

Yay! Kitty back. Snorgle time.

We sure missed Kitty K when she slept over for the marrow draw. She’ll have to again when the spleen comes out in 2 weeks, but till then she’s getting extra pettins and treats from all.

Pretty kitty, Doug.