Had no idea Paul McCrane could sing!

Saw him on Harry’s Law singing. He has a Very nice voice and was singing a song he composed years ago.


Can’t understand why he didn’t have a recording career.

Never saw FAME, eh? :wink:

:smack: Read the title as:“Had no idea Paul McCartney could sing!” and thought: “You must be the only person in the Western hemisphere.”

So never mind, carry on.

To clarify, The Other Waldo Pepper is not referring to the 2009 film Fame, the reality series, stage musical or the television series but to the original 1980 film, in which he was one of the stars. Perhaps the OP is too young to remember that movie.

No, I didn’t see Fame >.<
Looks like I should, though!

That film is so long ago, he still had hair.

I believe Paul McCrane wrote his solo song in Fame. I have the soundtrack, and that was one of my favorite songs from it.

That’s bizarre. I haven’t played my guitar for a long while, and haven’t played that song for even longer, but earlier this evening before I switched on the computer I was playing Is it OK if I call you mine. What a weird coincidence!

Goodness gracious, I loved that song and that movie when I was a teenager. I thought it was deeeeep. Watched it recently and let’s just say I was less impressed. :slight_smile:

It’s a song with happy memories for me - when I was first teaching myself to play the guitar, there was a special someone I wanted to sing a lovesong to, and that one is extremely simple to play. It worked, too - hence the happy memories!:cool: