had the American government something to do with 9-11?

According to these witness:


the question will be:
had the American government (or an American organization) something to do with 9-11?
Is there events around 9-11 that don’t have been revealed properly?

Oh, God, do we HAVE to do this all over again?

well this is pretty new to me

No. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, how many times do we have to go over this crap?

Gotta type faster…curse these metal fingers!

Well, then, go to this thread, and save everybody a lot of aggravation.

If we just say yes they did, can we close this thread?

Yes, duh, the US goverenment downed the two towers, crashed a plane into thte Pentagon (or was it a plane?) and shot down a plane over Pennsylvania. Can we move on now? Please?

yeah, it looks like we gotta do it all over again. (to justify our slogan “It’s taking longer than we thought”)

besides, it should be obvious: the American government did “have something to do with” 9/11. It was the target.

Yes, the US had as much to do with 9/11 as Iraq did.

Happy now?

Never mind the fact that they would have had to do all that planning and execution(without screwing something up) and 5 years, nobody has blown the whistle on it.

Doesn’t pass the laugh test.

I don’t see where any of the three quoted individuals are experts on building demolition.
That’s just the single most obvious flaw. The others are infinite.

Um…a bit more than Iraq I’d say, as we were the target.


Minotaurus; a link for you to follow.

stick to the OP or don’t make any reply

We’ll reply however we please, within the rules of the forum. Now, please read the linked threads; if you find anything to dispute after that you are welcome to do so.

I’ll make a point I’ve made in a previous thread on the subject. If some rogue element was going to simulate a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, would it not have been far simpler to go ahead and hijack the planes rather than concoct some absurdly complex scheme to fake the effects of planes crashing into them?

Snippy, aren’t we?

Have you read through the other thread yet? The one with page after page after page after page of refutations of these stupid conspiracy theories? How about you read through all that so we don’t have to repeat ourselves? And after you’ve read all that, how about you come back and tell us that you’re convinced, and ask for this thread to be locked?

Especially given that they did, in fact, highjack the planes. I mean, they had to go somewhere, right?

These theories don’t even pass the laugh test. “The highjackers were US agents” is at least technically possible. But secret explosives? Missles into the Pentagon? Why?

And this is covered over and over again in the previous threads.

What exactly is the POINT of hijacking these planes and crashing them into buildings you’ve already got wired for demolition?

If your conspiracy can wire the buildings for demolition, then hijacking planes and crashing them into the buildings is stupid and counterproductive.

If your consipiracy can hijack planes and crash them into buildings, then wiring them for demolition is stupid and counterproductive.

Minotaurus…if that IS your real name…do you believe that planes crashed into the World Trade Center? If so, what possible purpose could be served by the conspirators wiring the buildings with explosives, even assuming you could do such a thing without the thousands of people in the building noticing?

When will you come back and admit that you made a mistake opening this thread?



:confused: Planes? What planes?