Hah! Take THAT, Gary Shandling!

So you won’t release the other seasons of “Larry Sanders”, thereby frustrating fans of one of the best shows HBO produced? Well, you didn’t count on Ebay, now didja bucko? I found the whole damned series for sale by some entrepe…entrapun…copyright thief, and I bought it without a second thought. Hah! HAH, I say! 70 more episodes and they’re all mine - MINE! Ahhhahahahahahahaha…

Look, Chefguy, the Straight Dope Message Board policy is that theft is theft, and we do not condone it on our boards. We don’t want people stealing our stuff, and therefore we don’t want our members bragging about how they stole someone else’s.

We’re not trying to control what you do in private – a decision to break the law, to steal from the rightful owners, that’s your decision. But we do NOT want you gloating about it here.