Haha- fuck you Oafrah!

Maybe now you’ll realize when you go so far as to put your goddamn stupid name in 20 feet high letters on a school (to glorify yourself) for young girls in a dangerous country, maybe you’ll actually, oh I don’t know, have a fucking clue what’s going there? It seems like the students would be safer on the streets of South Africa than in your little “haven”. How it works is, when you don’t want responsibility you just write a fat check- that way you don’t really have to know what the hell is going on, but when you act like you actually layed the bricks yourself, you need to you know, be actually involved and what not. Don’t take all the fucking glory and then shun the blame, your “I take full responsibility” crap notwithstanding. What does that mean exactly, anyway?

Your little tearfest/photo-op was priceless, and you went so far as to give the students your personal cell phone number so that they can contact you if needed! What a useless move that was! Do young poor girls in South Africa have phones to call you, and if so, can they or their parents afford the long distance bill? And the fucking mindless parents and kids praising Oafrah afterward- did that reek of Jim Jones and his followers or what?

How did the teachers for the school get hired exactly? Were background checks done? If this were at some daycare in the States, there’d be real talk of prosecution of the owner, but you’ve obviously done something (money perhaps?) that the goddamn stupid parents are actual praising you, saying its not your fault, that you’re a victim as well- poor Oafrah! Our daughter got beaten and fondled, but that’s nothing compared to what Oafrah is going through now! How much in hush money is standard now, for the beating and molestation of ones daughter? Haha fuck you!


Wow. She is told there’s a problem, she removes the accused staffer AND the head of the school for not taking action sooner, she meets personally with the parents and apologizes profusely, and you post this drivel? Holy fuck, what an asshole you are.

Seriously. She could teach the Vatican a lesson or two.

Hahaha those girls got beaten AND molested! Suck on that, Oprah!!


Good job, Wee Brain.

Kind of looks like Dr Mzimane was passionate about children…

No, I can’t finish that one.

not to defend the OP, but I suspect that their issue w/Oprah isn’t specifically what she did post realization that there was a problem, but their perception that she’s propegating her international image by merely writing a check and posting her name on it, rather than, say, getting into the dredges and so on. apparently unless one resigns from their current life to toil in the barren soil, no effort to ease the troubles of others is worthy.

Well it’s not like she flew to another continent to do …

Oh wait, she did. Immediately, from the linked story. Never mind.

Ah there’s the rub. If she had rushed over there the second it happened, I would maybe agree, but this quote-

“The claims came after a student fled the school saying the situation had become unbearable.”

indicates that it had been ongoing. Ongoing in something like this is what- a couple of weeks? A month? A year? If Oafrah had handled it the minute it happened, it would have been sqaushed before a student had to flee, right? So that tells me, either she is totally unaware of what’s going on (contrary to what she says), or it was a Catholic priest type cover up. She ran over there the second the media got a hold of it, not the second it happened. She’s way out of line either way.

Why does the hiring there- John Gacy? Will her next book club choice be a guide for young abused girls?

You put your name on the school, say these are “your girls” and then you are so unaware of whats going on that this happens? Admit you just sign a check, take the glory and that’s one thing. Go on and on and on about the fucking school, how its a priority for you, and you don’t know about this? Unbelievable.

**Q.E.D. ** thanks :slight_smile:

Enlighten me. When and where has the owner of a day care center been prosecuted for the actions of an employee?

A lawsuit, sure. But you said prosecution.

Do you have evidence that Oprah was aware of it before the student fled?

Obviously not, please re-read my post, I never made that claim. I said if she is on top of the goings at the school she would have to have. If she didn’t know about it, then her bullshit about how active she is with the school is well, bullshit, right?

And about the school- hair salons? Theatres? The money spent on the “school” could have help educate ten times as many students. The luxuries at the school are an insult to the people of South Africa- I’m honestly surprised its not burgled once a day.

The only similarity between Oprah and the Catholic Church is that both she and the pope wear Prada.

wrong. Unless one is on-site 24/7, one cannot know everything that goes on. As soon as she became aware of the problem, she acted. That’s all she could do, and all any reasonable person should ask of her.

So, you think you should have oversite on how she spends her charitable dollars?

She at least has a responsibility to stay aware of what’s going on at a school that she owns.

She did. Your position is untenable.

Claims surface on October 17.

Oprah appears in Joburg on October 19.

That’s about as “instant” as you’re gonna get, when you’re an extremely busy businesswoman.

It’s a live-in school, a boarding school. You’ve never heard of a boarding school having their own hair salon? It’s so the kids don’t have to leave campus.

And, my kids attend a school that has a theater–it’s called MacArthur High School, is a public school paid for by tax dollars, and the theater is hardly considered a “luxury”.

yes. And if the person she hired to provide accurate reports is found after the fact to be lying, then what?

THis isn’t Bush patting heckuva job Brownie on his back while TV crews detailed the extent of his fuck up. This is some one who is attempting to do something good, hires people she believes is competent and apparently at the first sign of trouble, takes steps to correct it. I don’t get the venom at all.

He was insulting you, numbnuts.

She didn’t get where she is by being stupid.