Hail Mary, full of cheese

More Ebay wackiness:


Diana Duyser has put the sandwich back up for bids. Check out this page before the spoilsports at eBay remove it! She’s not scamming anyone! Serious bidders only! Latest offer is $15,100!

Looks more like Sophia Loren, to me.

Nah, it’s Katherine Hepburn, definitely. It’s clearly Hepburned toast.

Nah, it looks like Greta Garbo to me.

Current bid is at $99 million dollars. snort

She took a bite out of the Holy Mother? :eek: The nuns down at Our Lady of the Griddle are gonna be poed about that.

Greta Garbo for sure and she “vants to be left alone.”

I bet someone would have paid good money for Garbo on a grilled cheese and E-bay probably wouldn’t have yanked that.

Wonder who was on the other half?

Unquestionably Moll Flanders (As played by Elsa Lanchester).

There is already a thread in which other wonderful comparisons are being made.

Holy moly!

I just took a look at the first link–apparently, the current bid, with 6 days to go, is US$99,999,999.00.

So, someone bid almost 1 billion dollars for this cheese sandwich? Why do I find that doubtful, somehow?

Or was this an act of God?

Actually, that’s just under one hundred million dollars. Still, even a tenth of a billion is way too much for a sandwich, even one that might be seen by its owner as being uniquely qualified to be broken up into communion wafers…

Nah, mate, that’d only work if she saw Jesus on the cheese sandwich. :wink:

And I said that in my post, Scribble! :mad: (:D)

Apparently you have never been to a fancy restaurant in NYC. :smiley:

Somehow this reminds me of an old Johnny Carson show. He had a lady on there that collected potato chips that looked like “things”. She had one that looked like a dog, one that looked like Lincoln, etc. So she’s showing Johnny her collection, and Johnny is carefully picking them up and showing them to the camera. She’s looks away and Johnny had a bag of chips hidden, he takes one of the chips out of the bag and crunches it loudly in his mouth. She was shocked, she turned around and gave him the most horrified look. :smiley:

Dana Scully!

Can the (American) public be THAT gullible. This is so obviously a joke/scam, it’s not funny. I she can manage to sucker in the right…suckers, more power to her. Maybe she could use part of the proceeds to take up English lessons.

This is unbelievable, both for the amounts involved and for the nature of the item sold.

E Bay could very well wind up losing face in all of this.

Anyone can clearly see that it is the face of Hedy Lamarr.

[mild Blazing Saddles hijack] It’s HEDLEY!!![/mild Blazing Saddles hijack]

A classic…

But I’m willing to bet that even that old geezer wouldn’t have fallen for cheesy Mary.