The Newest Crazy eBay Auction: Jesus on a Pancake

I saw it on the news the other day, and here it is!

The hell? I see absolutely nothing no matter how I squint. And $2,225? I’m off to the kitchen to cook me up some Jesus pancakes!

Wasn’t he supposed to have turned up on a cracker at some point?

Even the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich was better than this one.

Let’s predict where He shows up next. I call the pogo stick.

A few years a go I visited a local “chapel” (this was in Monroe, MI) where a very earnest and apparently sincere lady had preserved a jesus-on-a-pancake. I was quite suprised to see that Jesus was actually quite apparent on the pancake.

The virgin Mary on the burnt breadstick, not so much.

If you click on the second, closer image, it is definitely there. So much so that it looks like an impression or mold to me, not a divine apparition.

Supersize, then maximize, you can make it out better.

I predict that next, Jesus sits on a Ritz.

puttin jesus on a ritz??

is he super duper like gary cooper?
note: that is the very first time i’ve emphasized a word with asterisks. i now realize why i’ve never done it. it’s gay.

When I looked at this earlier, the bids had gone up to over $5,000. Now it’s back down to $730. Appears some bids may have been withdrawn?

I dunno, looks more like Cheech Marin to me.

I think this is going to be my new swear expression: Jesus Christ on a flapjack!!

Actually, with those “strands” that form the image, it looks more like a latke.

He tried that, but He fell off. Now He’s on a crutch.

Somebody on the radio thought it looked like Fidel Castro. I think it looks like some sort of old-fashioned Russian icon of a Saint.

Well, at least it’s up to $740 as I type. As the bid history shows, there have been bogus bids of as much as $14,999 canceled. Hmmm, Dick Kass – no way that could be a fake name… :rolleyes:

I laughed a bit when I saw that the seller was located in the Cleveland suburb of Beachwood. I grew up in Northeast Ohio, and one of the perennial gags accompanying major snowfall was to call a radio or TV station and announce that “Our Lady of Beachwood” was among the schools that were closed due to the inclement weather. Beachwood, you see, has a strong majority of Jews (during the 1970’s, if not now, over 90%) among its population.

I was thinking more Van Gogh. Don’t you think?

I think it looks more like The Zig Zag Man

I came here to post that “Sweet Jesus on a Pancake!” was going to be my new swear.

Would it be sacrilege or blasphemy to cover Jesus with syrup?

I just looked, and the bid was $911.00. How eerie is that?

I own saxophones that cost less than that. Rare vintage saxophones, in playing condition.

Does anyone else see the cartoon dog behind Pancake Jesus? His head is popping out just to Jesus’s right side, about forehead level. Big toothy grin and pointy ears.

Well, the bidding is currently up to $1950, and the seller has decided to donate all proceeds to charity! Of course, just which charity is not specified…

And yeah, Dusty, I see Jesus’s little furry friend.