The nuts are out in full-force on eBay!

Is it a full moon? Since I was bored I was browsing eBay and quickly found 3 auctions that made me go “huh?”

Save my wife’s <cat>
Buy My Faith
I can’t decide which is more sad, the patato guy or the faith guy.

As for the potato, they don’t look like Virgin Mary eyes, they look like potato eyes.

The cat is cute. Aren’t Occicats really expensive, though?

The religion guy is a sad loser.

But, Mirror Image, the potato seller went to a Catholic high school and is therefore qualified to recognize the Virgin Mary’s eyes. (What???)

At least they’re providing entertainment…? How sad.


$150 for the potato eyes?!?

The potato guy, definitely, is the saddest one.

Almost YES! Full moon is Wednesday March 25, 2005

People see all kinds of things that aren’t there & do crazy things as a result.

Call the SPCA.

Faith for sale is no faith at all!

Here is a ‘topper’ if that’s possible.
Starting bid: US $49,999.00
Buy it Now price: US $199,000.00
Cheap at twice the price!

They look just like her eyes. Take a look at any photograph of her.

Damn… I thought the faith guy was offering his worship to whoever won the auction.

“My lord!! My lord!!! Look at his awesomeness!”
“Dude, I’m just reading the TV guide.”

Gotta like his return policy:

What’s sad is schmucks who pay $145 to do nothing.

Huh? Someone paid $145 to have someone else win a video game for them??

I don’t know, I think that’s actually Satan’s eyes pretending to be the Virgin Mary’s eyes. The Devil is a tricky one, he is.

I still cannot believe the things I see on ebay. At least they keep things interesting for the rest of us.

I appreciate people posting these things, because I don’t seem to find fun things like this on ebay.

The Possesed Stitch doll is still up for grabs. :smiley:

The cat auction is invalid now, so it must’ve violated some rule, and nobody bought the poor guy’s faith. The potato is still ticking.

Gah, it’s evil!! Boil it in oil!!

Serve it with Angus burgers!!!

Nah, Satan can’t be in the potato, he’s in the possessed Stitch doll! It even burnt a priest’s hand! Pictures and everything! :wink:

For the canonical list (thought it hasn’t been updated for a while:

My faith in humanity is temporarily renewed. No one bid on the potato, and the other two were canceled.