I am selling my soul on ebay.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4168817771 :slight_smile:

anyone interested?

Nah, I’ve already got one, thanks.

But owning an extra soul would, depending on ur belief system, vastly increase ur chances of getting into heaven!

Um, which belief system would that be?

Every1’s got a different belief system.

That’s the system im selling to.

Reminds me of The Simpsons.


*this * reminds me of that episode of south park: simpsons did it :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you know that selling things on EBay like your soul will cause you to be arrested and thrown into jail without a trial, your kids to be put into foster care and your wife to be sold into a harem in Saudi Arabia?*

*Easily as valid an argument as selling your soul on EBay… :rolleyes:


I was so ready to buy your soul neoof, until I observed that you had purchased a Yahoo Serious VHS movie. Through this it is evident that you are suckling at the festering teat of the Dark Lord and your soul already has another owner.

How dare you!!!

Young Einstein is a fabulous film!!!

“Back in 1906, Albert Einstien discovered the theory of relativity. Then he discovered Rock n Roll, beer and surfing!”

What more could you ask for from a historical movie!!?

That it not suck.

But when albert einstein saves the world from an atomic beer keg by plugging his electric violin (which he invented) into the keg and rocking on it like a guitar! Thus wowing everyone, including thomas eddison, charles darwin and sigmon freud whilest, most importantly, putting bubbles in beer!!!

What a climax! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there neoof… welcome to the SDMB.

Please stop using ‘ur’ and “Every1” and type the words out like everyone else.


As for your soul…

Is there a reserve, or will it just go to anyone that will give you $.50?

if 'twas gonna sell 4 less than 500£ then i will only sell a 25% share loike it sez in me description.

Ok, Mr pedantic pants. I will start speaking propper from now on.

I don’t know if the rules for ebay.uk are different than the US version, but several people have tried the same thing. The auctions were pulled.

If the soul is a physical part of the body, the auction is illegal because you’re not allowed to sell body parts.

If the soul is intangible, that is, you can’t see and/or touch it, the auction is illegal because you can’t something unless you can prove it exists. You could sell a business because it’s a legal entity, for example, even if there’s no physical presence.

hmm… i did state that i figure it doesn’t matter if u believe in that sort of thing.

Oh well… We’ll see. It’s not like im being dishonest or lying in anyway. i think. :confused:

Also… I’m selling a contract, signed by myself, rather than an invisible entity.

I would’ve bid, but it seems your soul doesn’t have pinky fingers capable of using the CAPS LOCK key, so I’ll pass. But thanks for the offer.

When did you get the opportunity to sleep in the grass with a banana on your hip?