Is it possible to sell your soul on ebay?

  1. Is it over all possible? Does ebay allow this?
  2. What legally must be done as proof of the transaction, so that I could not sell it more than once?
  3. How much would a soul run for?
  4. Would I have to breath in a jar and close it and sign my name on the jar?
  5. Can I sell parts of my soul? (like 1/4 of it to 4 friends?)
  6. If I sell my soul, but then 2 years later decide to convert to Christianity, and someone legally owns my soul, will I be condemned to hell? (in other words, does legally selling my soul mean anything to god/satan?)

I have no intention of actually selling my soul if you believe in such a thing. I’m just curious of the logistics, seeing as some people find peoples soul of some value. Then again if there was a $100 price tag for my soul i’d probablely sell it, but how could they be sure I didn’t sell it more than once?

What makes you think anyone would want to buy it in the first place?:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s been tried. Ebay doesn’t allow it and shuts down the auction pretty fast.

i was offered 5 bucks for it by someone at lunch :smiley:

It’s been done at least twice before. From this article:

And from this article:


Be on alert when purchasing souls. You should carefully scrutinize the seller’s past; some people have been baited with offers for hardly used high qaulity souls and ended up with some cheap thing pretty much torn up. That’s why I’d never buy one online.

I saw a boy who sold his there & only got $5. Im pretty sure its against the rules though.

I think the reason that it is not allowed is because the buyer and seller are essentially buying/selling positive feedback.

Also, regarding:

eBay does not possibly have the time to check every one of the millions of items up for auction. It is up to the users to report auctions that contain violations.

Fenris had a quite entertaining thread on appraising souls several months (perhaps more than a year) ago. I searched but couldn’t find it.

Crazy Fenris’s Used Soul Appraisals

Great thread. :slight_smile:


Well, as for the OP’s asking on how people went about selling souls on eBay, most of the auctions I saw would award the winning biddder with a certificate of ownership for the soul, like the deed to a house…though one guy was selling his in a coffe can. Don’t ask me how he got it in there. :wink:


Some years ago, a magazine conducted an experiment. A guy would ask bypassers if they believed in hell, and when the answer was no, they pulled a contract and offered to buy his/her soul for something like 1000-2000 $. They didn’t find a single person who accepted to sign the contract, the most common answer being along the line “it’s either too much or not enough”. When they offered only a symbolic amount (say, a couple of dollars) some other people accepted.

Well I lost my soul and my brothers soul on a superbowl bet, who woulda thought the damn Broncos would win two years ina row