I sold my soul on ebay

well… not on ebay but on soulXchange…


sniffl… I was sold damn cheap… dammit…

soulless poster

From what I saw Dodgy, your soul was moving up well in price against the newest 20.

You are now looking at the proud owner of 1/4 of the dodgiest soul on the internet. Of course I had to sell my own to get it, so let’s drive that price up eh? I need a bargaining chip for the fates.

Great link Dodgy. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ll buy yours if you buy mine! :slight_smile: What is your id?


I also sold my kitten:

After my latest soul transaction I am only in the posessions of 10 bucks and two cheap souls.

Okay… I can smell a “neopets” alike disaster coming upon me (alas my poor starved cyber animal - may it rest in peace)

worth 1070,–

har har har! Guess who owns you, smartass?
You are a puppet in my dodgy hands!!! :wink:
Nah… now serious: Thanx for purchasing the best soul on the web…

opal - I am skint at the moment (this is like real life… oh my) but I ll buy you and kitten as soon as I can…
Sheesh… she sold her kitten… looks around the room
what could I sell… what could I sell… I ve got lots of ants in the house at the moment… you think I could make some money with those lil buggers?

I bought ya :slight_smile:

Well, I own a share of the *BornDodgy soul as well. It’s up 33 since I bought it, too. Keep driving that price up!!

What you doin that your soul costs so much!?

I mean, how much can the soul of a thirty-something accountant from Wisconsin be worth?

Any one wanna trade for the soul of some loser doper guy? #10556

I bought him on a whim, but I’m really looking for something in more of a Danny DeVito or Bob Costas… Any takers?


eleventh frivolous post and counting

Hmmm, I’ll have to go back and see what I’m selling for. (Oh, and it’s banking, not accountant. I’m not quite boring enough to be an accountant. :))

Oh, and can’t you just go to your portfolio and sell off the guy you picked up. I was going to sell Borndodgy off for a cool profit of 33, but decided to wait on it.

Okay, I’m putting mine up for sale: Buy My Hot Monkey Love!

I’m gonna buy your souls too, when I get some moolah!!! :smiley:

That’s right! For a limited time only, YOU yes YOU can get in on the purchase of a limited edition golden Dragonsoul!




That site is too funny! I’m hooked.

nice juicy Giraffe soul for sale

I’ve gotten a piece of Dodgy!

[shameless promotion]My soul is awfully cheap…[/shameless promotion]

Shameless nothing, my soul is worth every bite of bit you’ve got. :smiley:

What’s shame?


I own everyone who has posted their soul in this thread so far! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(this is much more successful than the previous soulxchange thread http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=54942 !)

Well, my soul is up for the taking right here.

Hopefully the buyer will do only nice things to it.

A reliable soul at an affordable price . Low, low prices, all offers accepted! (picture pending…)

I’m up for grabs.


w00t! I own Silver Fire’s soul! (I feel so honored.)

By the way, I had three owners within a minute of putting it up for sale. How’s that for hot merchandise?