The Latest Jesus Sighting is in a Pittsburgh Bathroom

He’s really gettin’ around these days-gotta keep up with those BVM cheese sammitches and underpass salt stains. :rolleyes: Jesus is hanging out in Jeffrey Rigo’s bathroom, next to the tub. Wonder where He’ll turn up next. :cool:

Considering the fact that we have no actual knowledge of what Jesus really looked like, I’d think this sort of thing would be embarrassing to genuine Christians.

Agreed, Sir. That’s what makes all of this fawning over ordinary objects so amusing. Have “the faithful” forgotten that little item about graven images? :dubious:

ahahahah its just like an Abbot and Castello routine.

Perhaps down at Primanti’s, for a sandwich and som Ahrn?

I think it’s kind of refreshing that the guy says he’s not religious and doesn’t think it’s a miracle and basically admits he’s just hoping he can make money off it by selling it to some sucker.

Recently a DFW area apartment complex had a pane of glass covered with dirt or a film or something that people thought was an image of Jesus. A small Catholic church, serving the impoverished mostly-Hispanic crowd that saw the image and flocked to it, took the glass off the complex’s hands (they could do without the crowds).

A local TV crew intervewied the church’s priest, who it’s safe to say was better educated and thus less ignorant then his flock. He said something like “They’ve found something that inspires them in that glass; let’s not ridicule them but bless them.”

I thought that was a beautiful thing to say.

They needn’t necessarily be a sucker. Maybe just someone with a weird sense of humor and a lot of disposable cash to indulge it. It made me laugh, anyway.

This is the great messiah? Some guy who hangs around in bathrooms, underpasses, and sandwiches? What’s next, skid marks in someones undies?

I have to say, it’s hard to see the attraction to this Jesus fella. Seems a bit kinky to me.

But what’s that thing on top of Jesus’s head? Does it look like a curious rat to you? Looking to the right?

It can’t be a hat, Jesus didn’t wear hats, did he?


Seeing as it was found in the bathroom, at least it was only a plaster stain rather than . . .

Now a Jesus like that is someone a lot of people could relate to. No fire and brimstone stuff-a Jesus who knows everybody, buys a round, and when he heads out the door, he turns and waves and says, “Hey. See yinz on Sunday!”

That’s how I view these things. I think they’re cool, even though they probably aren’t signs from God. It’s like looking at cloud formations and seeing something that reminds you of what’s important to you.

I’m just surprised that people aren’t discovering Elvis stains. Or maybe Ronald Reagan stains.
Some Disney fans are similar in the way they treat mickey heads. Of course, when they see three circles arranged in such a way, they don’t think that it’s Walt trying to communicate with them, just a cool coincidence.

It was a lovely thhing to say.

Doesn’t change the fact, however, that ostensibly serious media outlets should stop devoting news time to fucking crap like this.

Nor does it change the fact that, if i had owned that window, i would have been out there with some Windex and a sheet of newspaper.

Amen to that (no pun intended). I think if IDOT could have made 28 large off that underpass salt stain on ebay, I think they probably would have, and what’s more, should have. It’s amazing what people will believe.

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Holy Crap!’ I think.

Please, don’t give them anymore ideas!

The water stain is not an image of our Lord and Savior. It is an image of James Birdseye McPherson, commanding general of the Army of the Tennessee, killed a t the Battle of Atlanta in 1864. A miracle but not the one our friend expected.

It’s miracles like these that show just how powerful gawhd is.

Self-portraits in water-stains are a snap to this all-powerful being. If he can do this, just imagine what else he could do, if he could be bothered.

It’s like the whole world has turned into one huge “Where’s Jesus?” book. Now we just need to get him to where the little striped hat.