Hail to the V

Late last night, I saw this on TV, and had no idea what it was about until the end, at which point my jaw dropped:

But it gets better. If you go to their site, you get this piece of wonderfulness:

It apparently keeps track of your visits, because the second time you go there you get a different message. If you navigate the site, you’re confronted by more talking hand/vaginas. It’s a combination of fascinating and oddly humorous marketing and kinda creepy images.

V for Vaginitis?

Remember remember the 5th of November
The itching, and burning, and spots…

And have you taken a good look at their new logo – it basically is a vulva with “S|E” on it.

Apparently this has been going on for a while. Here’s a Salon article on it:

But wait, there’s more!:


I hate being late to the party. Evidently there was already controversy about the different ethinc groups addressed in the original ad campaign:

Which explains the parody ad that otherwise left me confused:

Just to show you that this sort of thing isn’t restricted to that one company:

Pepper mill says she’s seen these. I obviously watch the wrong shows, and am not part of their target audience And i really want that thing for trimming the hedges in front of my house.

Great, one more thing women can feel bad about. How dare women let their vaginas smell during their periods! Get some Summer’s eve cleansing wash and clean that stink hole, you dirty slut!

The Colbert Report apparently has already mercilessly parodied the original ads:

Yeah, saw that first ad last night for the first time.
I’m still ‘WTF’.

And the Colbert show, with the racial variations…wow. Holy shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

‘In America, our vaginas speak english!’

Just…wow. :p:p

You know, these ads are pretty edgy. One might even say quite… ballsy.

Took cojones for that last one, that’s for sure.

“I’m not feeling so fresh” commercials have been around for decades. What makes these ads great is their celebratory tone.

I’m looking at the article, and all I can think when she writes that the skylines are a phallic ode, is that a pyramid is an inverted V shape. Hail to the V, indeed.

Why do I keep trying to say “That’s Vaginal” to the tune of that Dean Martin classic, “That’s Amore!”?

This is what happens when you let Michael Bay make vagina commercials.

…and subsequently, Michel Gondry.

I hope Jim Henson directs the next one.

As long as it isn’t Sam Peckinpah, we’re good.