Hair beginning to fall out (Chemo related)

I was in the midt of my taking shower this morning when I noticed this ugly plug of hair semi-clogging the drain. It was my own.

I don’t really care, since I’m told it’ll all come back.But I’d like to get it all over with in a hurry.

My question is, would it be harmful to hurry the process along by manually assisting the process? Hair comes loose when I run the flat of my hand on my head.

I wouldn’t do it. You’re more suseptible to infections right now, and your skin more prone to thinning and breaking. Add them together with friction, and you’re risking getting small fissures or cuts on your scalp which could them become infected. You don’t need to deal with that right now.

Shaving should be fine, though. I’d use an electric razor rather than a blade (again, to protect from nicks and cuts). The shorter hair will be easier to deal with as it falls out.

Thank you for your words of wisdom, WhyNot. Maybe I’ll shave.