Hair dilemma. (Opinions please!)

(Fair warning - my cat is crawling all over the desk right now, so any typos are NOT MY FAULT!)

So I’m kinda tired of my hair recently. It being short is kinda nice, but as we all know, you can’t do anything with short hair. I just dyed it red last night, which was fun. (L’Oreal Intense Dark Red. Woohoo!)

So I’m considering growing it back out. How long? Dunno…at least shoulder length. So I’m looking for opinions on whether I should grow this mop out. You can see pictures of me with short hair and shoulder length hair on my website.

You have beautiful hair! I would kill for nice thick hair like that. I think it looks nice either way, but I know what you mean by needing a change.

You could always do like me, grow it out to about shoulder length then hack it all off again. It’s a cycle I can’t seem to get out of.

BTW, cute kitty!

Grow it out.

I’m with Sue. I cut mine to my chin every summer, and it’s down to the middle of my upper arms in a year. Although I might go longer this time around.

Grow it out, Crystal Gayle length!

Falc, definitely grow it out. Not only will you be able to more things with it, it’s more flattering and makes a person look younger.

Grow it out.

Invest in a few wigs. Get an idea of what hair looks best on you, then go for that.

Me, I have 6 wigs :slight_smile:

Opal, I feel like I’m following you around the boards today.

I, too, have a few wigs though mine are falls actually. Must be a dancer thing, huh?

keep it short…at least that’s my personal preference.

Let it grow out long enough so you can fluff it up during those tender moments. Sprinkling drops of perfume in it is good too, every real man likes sweet-smelling hair.

I say go for shoulder-length.

BTW, I really feel like a doper now, cuz I got the Serlin reference.

And keep a little spritzer around in case you need to poof it up or perfume your crotchal area.


“crotchal” eh? stay away from that gel shit then

OpalCat – gotta echo that! Wigs are a great way to give yourself many options depending on the event. Think of them as an extension of make-up.

Or, go to a salon with an “imaging” computer. They take a picture of your face and then you can put all kinds of hairstyles on it! It really helps you visualize.

I recently had five inches lopped off my mop to clear up the split ends. I guess I’m just comfortable with my hair long since I can’t do too much with very thin hair. But I can always tuck it all under a wig and go for a “new” look without sacrificing my “normal” state.

And I will not make a MS reference. No… no! I WON’T talk about poofing your hair or … must… stop… :slight_smile:

Falcon, hon, I say grow it out, since you’re asking. One of the few things I ever get compliments on is my long hair, and you have such beautiful hair. Along with your pretty, expressive eyes, you will really knock 'em dead with longer hair. Of course, you’ve got the face to carry off short hair well too. I got a compliment on my hair just yesterday, in fact, from a good friend. He said he really likes how it smells too. BLUSH

Anyway, that’s my opinion, my friend. And, Paddy, m’dear, Tsk! tsk! :stuck_out_tongue: You’re positively incorrigible, but then, I like you that way. :wink:
Beagledave. Gel? SHUDDERS

Gel shit? What WILL they come up with next?