Hair dye and Periods

It’s rainy and crappy outside today, it seems like a good day to color my hair, but I have my period and someone once told me that there was some reason that coloring my hair when it that time of the month was not a good idea.

Is that true ? Why ?

It sounds like an Old Wives’ Tale. They used to claim you shouldn’t bath or wash your hair during a period, but that was a total load of crap.

FYI I read an article recently about the possible dangers of carcinogens in hair dye (mainly darker colours) and various risks, but there was certainly no mention of periods.

Because the PMS is what’s making you want to change your hair color, and you’ll regret it later? :smiley:

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My first thoughts were that you might be a little anaemic and that leaning over with your head down while you rinse out might not be a good idea, but on reflection that seems too tenuous.