Hair dying help

I have been dying my hair black for years; now I want it bleached blonde on top, a la Karen Cuda.

What has happened in the past is that the new growth has come up, while the older long-dyed-black parts will get to a freaky orange & stay there. EEeeeeeek!

Please help me as to what specific products and techniques will work – thanks!!!

Your hair can’t be dying; it’s already dead. Do you need help on dyeing?

If I were you, I would get it done the first time by a pro. It’s really difficult even for them to get dyed black up to blonde without frying it. It will definitely take several tries. If you do it yourself, start with the older growth and don’t even try the two inches or so that are near the root. Processing the much-dyed part up to orangeish sounds about right. Wash, dry, and start over. If you’ve already done it more than once and can’t get it any lighter, again, a pro has stronger bleach available and can possibly get it lighter than you can, and will likely need to do it at least twice. It’s possible a color reversal can be tried before the bleach, I’m not sure you can use a color reversal after you’ve used bleach, though.

Don’t lighten near the roots until you’re sure you’re at the last process, so you only do them once. Be prepared to have “fried” hair no matter what you do.

When I had half my hair black and half my hair pink, we did an interim process so we didn’t fry the ends completely off, and with it lightened up to orange, it took dark purple nicely. Did that for a couple months, then bleached again and got it light enough to take pink. Even then, it wasn’t “bleach blonde” though. If we tried to get it that light, I’m pretty sure it would have just broken off.

Going from black to blonde is the hardest process to do.

Right you are! I was drinking sake in massive quantities because I was depressed about the Fukushima radiatuion currently hitting the West Coast … my young son was at the beach all day … awk!

Thank you, SeaDragonTattoo! I was pretty much resigned to going to a professional. Actually, an interim color would be hella cool anyway.

I am not an expert by any means, but wouldn’t a toner help remove some of the orange?

My hair is naturally dark blonde, right now it is a golden blonde and with highlights, it’s not a drastic change. When I was going platinum the stylist used a toner to eliminate the “brass” from the bleached out sections. They also used toner without the crystals when I was coloring my hair auburn to prevent it from washing out so quickly.