Hair in movies.

What I mean is the hair between your legs!

I saw the movie “Thirteen” today, and saw Holly Hunter in the buff, including muff. I also saw kate Winslet do the same thing in a movie called “Holy Smoke”.

Is this a new thing to expand the barriers of cinema? I really don’t need to see their naked bodies, not too be a prude or anything. What about men? Can’t show the ol’ sausage in a mainstream movie, but muff is not suitable and exciting, i guess.


Women are far more attractive naked than men. Look at us… we’re like hairy trees.

I can’t believe someone’s complaining about this. haha. What’s the problem???

Note to self…see… Thirteen. There. Thanks!

New? Not particularly. I remember quite a few older movies with pubes. In fact, I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot less nudity in movies these days than there used to be. At least in mainstream releases. You can’t imagine how bitter this makes me. :slight_smile:

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s, it was very common for R-rated movies to have full-frontal nudity. (You’d even occasionally see it in PG movies). Now we’re getting just as much violence, but where’s my nudity? My God in heaven, what’s happening to this country?

I’ve read in several places that because these days all screen nudity is instantly captured and spread (pardon the pun) across a million web sites, more big name actresses are refusing to do nudity in their roles, especially after they make it big.

And the ones who do do nudity are more likely to do it in “realistic” roles in smaller dramatic films which aren’t as attractive to soft core porn buffs.

Richard Gere, American Gigolo and Breathless; Tom Berenger, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, Charlton Heston, Number One; Tim Robbins, The Player; Jason Priestly, Calendar Girl; Kevin Bacon, Wild Things; Christopher Atkins, Blue Lagoon; Christian Bale, Metroland; Antonio Banderas, Baton Rouge; Jeff Bridges, Rancho Deluxe; Nicholas Cage, City of Angels; Graham Chapman, Monty Python’s Life of Brian; Willem Dafoe, The Last Temptation of Christ; Jaye Davidson, The Crying Game; Patrick Dempsey, Some Girls; Leonardo DiCaprio, Total Eclipse; David Duchovny, New Years Day; Ralph Fiennes, Sunshine; Peter Firth, Equus; Robert Forster, Medium Cool; etc.

Wow, Walloon, you must, um, keep impressive notes. :wink:

In Mulholland Drive, there’s a scene that nicely displays the physical charms of Laura Harring. In the theatre, this was seen clearly, but on the DVD, there’s a square of digital blurring over Ms. Harring’s whole crotchular area. I read that David Lynch ordered this change to avoid just that sort of wide-spread dissemination.

I’d just like to thank Baldwin for either creating the term ‘crotchular area’ or being the first to bring it into my life. Wonderful stuff! This kind of quality is why we so love the Boards…