Hair Products.

You know, hair products are some goofy stuff.

I got my hair cut yesterday, and the hairdresser turned me onto a product that actually works for getting my hair to be coopoerative when it comes to forcing it to bend to my will.

I’m finding it amusing, because not only is it actually labeled as hair glue, but it comes in a little squeeze bottle that looks EXACTLY like an Elmer’s glue bottle. Not only that, it looks like Elmer’s, and smells like Elmer’s. I’m going to fashion a new “I can’t believe it’s not Elmer’s!” label for it.

Well, there is one difference. It is thicker and way more expensive.

Now, I am quite hair product illiterate (blasphemy for a gay man, I know) but damn, that is some goofy shit.

It’s pretty amusing, when one actually thinks about it, the stuff that people will actually put in their hair to get it to do what they want it to.

Gel, glue, hairspray, miscellaneous accelerants (Micheal Jackson, now with flamethrower action!) amongst others.

You know, this leads to an amusing mental picture of the lab animals they test this stuff on.

I hope they don’t do flammability tests.

Although there is something disturbingly amusing about the thought of a lab rat scurrying across the floor, ablaze, being chased by a lab technician with a fire extinguisher.

Honey, I saw that lab rat today at Wal-Mart. She was buying Pantene and I don’t think it’ll help.

When it says it’ll help “dry hair” I don’t think it meant kerotene kindling.

A friend of mine worked at a beauty supply store for a while. I asked her if that Bed Head line really was meant to make you look like you just woke up. Giggling, she said that’s exactly right.

Sometimes, I see somebody with a badly abused meringue 'do, and I think that the funniest part is that she paid big bucks to look that way!

I’m very fond of all the ARTrec products.

I’ve used the gluey stuff, when I wanted it spikey lately.