Hair removal around "Exit".

Anyone have any experience with hair removal around one’s “exit area”.

I would imagine that it makes wiping a pleasurable experience.

What’s the best way?

I know it is a tile floor in my foyer, but I use a vacuum to remove the hair on the floor by my exit area.

Of course, some Pine-Sol in warm water picks up the rest of the animal hair that the vacuum leaves. I wipe the floor with that.

Great post nobrainer. :smiley:

Unfortunately I have no advice for you Omni.

Waxing. Go to a professional waxer who specializes in that area, tell 'em what you want, and be prepared to drop your pants and grab your ankles :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, I’ve gotten a full Brazilian wax, and it really isn’t that bad. And the person doing it just chats away like it’s no big deal.

Sit down (naked) on a mat covered with nair?

My child, you have come to the right place.

Honey, I do my own Brazilian waxes (well, OK, I don’t take it all off in front, but my crack is baby-smooth) and you’re right, BTW, it not only makes wiping a pleasure, it makes bathtime lots of fun!

So if you’re too shy (or, like me, too cheap) to go to a professional, all you need is some of that Nair roll-on sugaring wax, a floor-length mirror, and strong stomach muscles.

You might want to read this first.

Alex, I’ll take “Phrases I Thought I’d Never Hear” for $2000.

In the category of, I can’t believe I know this! :o

Wax-free ass hair removal:

Take a shower to soften your skin, then lather up

Place small mirror on the ground

(“Hey look, I can see my ass from here!”)

Squat over mirror, razor in hand

Work in short strokes, inside to outside

Silky smooth!

The bad thing with shaving is the hair grows back stubbly and itches. With waxing, the end of the hair is tapered so it doesn’t irritate as it grows out.

A good all-around hair removal site is

You are joking, right? Hell, throw a six-pack into that equation and you’ll have a really funny emergency room story.

When circling Uranus one must be ever mindful of Klingons. Attacking them with the incorrect weapons could find oneself with rings around Saturn instead.

racer Funny story, yet kinda gross! I never realised that hair around the Exit actually had some use…

I personally do not shave my butt (ass-stubble, anyone?). I do have a personal trimmer that I use to keep it to a manageable length. Having some hair seems to help - doesn’t itch as much, for one thing - but it’s much easier to keep that area clean when it’s trimmed down a bit.

I have absolutely nothing to contribute here, other than I am reading this thread in the middle of my Advanced Placement History class, and that struck me as funny.

I know you are not supposed to do this, but I use Nair. My honey applies it for me and I leave it on for the minimum time. Haven’t had any problems yet.*

  • This post is not intended as an incitement to use product in manner contrary to indications on packaging.

This thread is fascinating.

Broaden your horizons, she said. Read the Straight Dope, she said…

Omnipresent… are you a fella or a girl?

I gotta admit, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one (or one in a small minority) of people with hair there.

[sub]Wait, some of you here are females, too, right? Man, I hope so… :o [/sub]

As a warning, I offer racer72’s post in this thread.