Hair Styles And Attitudes

Are they connected?

Physically? God, I hope not. Someone pulls your braids too tight, and gaah, you’re a socialist.


A Hair Salon is where women go to curl up and dye.

This space for rent.

I don’t think so.

My hair style has been well-documented here, but I do not fit any of the stereotypes usually associated with long hairs. Well, most of them anyway.

I just happen to like long hair.

Yer pal,

Oh, I dunno. I’ve had enough experience that I can about tell how someone is by their hairstyle. I can’t explain it…I’d see someone walk in and know how they are going to act. I’m usually right. Note the word “usually”. That was a very intresting question, by the way. :slight_smile:

Is there a chair here that I could speak to?

Through a bajillion different cuts, colors and styles, I’ve always been just plain old me.

“…all the prettiest girls live in Des Moines…”
–Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Well, I must say, when I’m blonde, I’m BLONDE! :wink:

Ya know even when my hair was purple, I was still having blonde moments… go figure.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

As someone (was it Coldfire) once memorably said of himself: I have stupid hair. If it’s short, it all stands up, if it’s long, it hangs in ragged, unmanageable wisps. So I don’t have “hairstyles” per se, I have whatever compromise looks least dreadful at the moment. Right now it’s longish and doing sort of a Keith Partridge thing (very flattering on a 37-year-old female).

So if hairstyles speak of attitudes, my attitude is unmanageable,indecisive and generally unsatisfactory. Which today, sounds about right.


When I worked at Biosphere 2 I had long hair - middle of my back long - and all that goes with that kind of atmosphere. Dress code was casual to say the least. Sneakers or Teva sandals and only long pants when it snowed.

I finally decided I had to get a real job but didn’t get my hair cut before interviewing. At the place I was finally offered a job I was warned that the V.P. I had to see last would really have a problem with my hair. I knew I had reached a point in my life I had to at least look grownup so I told him I planned on cutting my hair even before he mentioned it. I think that was what tipped it in my favor with him but it was kind of fun watching him squirm a bit.

Now I wear wingtips instead of Tevas. I may have sold out to “the man” but he pays damn well.

I don’t think they’re really connected, but on the other hand, let’s play around with some haircut stereotypes

A. Heavily-gelled mohawk died jet black
B. Bryl creme (spelling?) applied to bangs to slick them back against the top of the head
C. Typical “big hair”
D. Short, parted on the right, just a little hairspray
E. A high-and-tight buzzcut


  1. I hope those fraternity boys think I’m pretty or I’ll just die.
  2. I’d better go work out and memorize some regulations or I’ll never make corporal.
  3. I’d better go work out and memorize some market pattern or I’ll never make vice president.
  4. Down with fascism! Anarchy now! Let’s go eat sushi and not pay!
  5. Accept Christianity’s message of love and forgiveness, or you’ll be shut out of Heaven and burn in Hell for all eternity.

I’m not saying these stereotypes are valid, but I bet we’d all agree on our answers to the above mix-and-match. (Unless we are giving waggish answers just to tease Boris.)

Any similarity in the above text to an English word or phrase is purely coincidental.

To quote Timbuk3

hairstyles and attitudes – are they connected?
are the styles we embrace a matter of taste, or of values rejected?
hairstyles and attitudes – how do they relate?
how well do we use our freedom to choose the illusions we create?

blow dried, bouffant, basic training
cops in drag dressed up like whores
cowboys in pony tails, bankers in bangs
presidents in pompous pompadours
mommas in mohawks, daddies in dreadlocks
heavy metal goldilocks trying to look tough
the wet look, the dry look, the FBI look
but can you judge a crook by his coverup?

hairstyles and attitudes – are they connected?
are the styles we embrace a matter of taste, or of values rejected?
hairstyles and attitudes – how do they relate?
how well do we use the freedom to choose the illusions we create?

razor cut, laser cut, chop-in-chanel
curled up, slicked back, hanging in the eyes
parted left, parted right, straight down the middle
scientists say your hair never lies
i’ve done lots of research
it may be just hype, but the latest findings cause me to tremble
ategorize us into three basic types
according to which of the three stooges you most closely resemble

Hairstyles and attitudes – are they connected?
Are the styles we embrace a matter of taste, or of values rejected?
Hairstyles and attitudes – how do they relate?
How well do we use the freedom to choose the illusions we create? Hairstyles and attitudes
Hairstyles and attitudes

Note any resemblance to the OP?

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

I knew somebody would eventually know what I was talking about. I like the concept of it.

I believe that Hair Styles and attitudes carry a heavy correlation. The question then becomes why.

I believe that sometimes a person getting a haircut will leave the chair with a new found feeling of confidence, and this will carry over into their attitude.

A person with a punked out do, might be cynical because of the number of people that assume what said person should be like, and thus becomes that.

A person who just got a really crappy haircut will probably take a hit to the self esteem area.

I’m probably going to get flamed for this one, as I don’t believe in stereotype, but I do understand their function.


I got it. I just got here late. . .
Has anyone else noticed that Timbuk3 has never released an album NOT containing the single “Future’s So Bright. . .”?

I think hair and attitudes go together for some people. I have a friend who’s ex-wife used to take 4 hours to get ready to go out. She had big, teased, gelled, hairsprayed, nappy hair that wouldn’t budge an inch when she moved. She was one of the most egotistical people I’ve ever known and was very uptight. Maybe she was just a rare case.

Well, here’s my experience – for what it’s worth:

I have mouse-brown, very fine hair that won’t take a curl. I am also styling-impaired, both because I have zero ability and because I have zero inclination to mess with my hair. As a consequence, I wear (and have worn for years) my hair very short – like over my ears, tight on the back of my head short. BUT I am also careful to have it cut so that it is kind of wispy or feathered around my face and soft-looking. Why? Because in the past when I have had more utilitarian haircuts, people have assumed (wrongly) that I must be gay. Having encountered the woman-with-short-hair=lesbian stereotype myself, I can tell you all that while a hair style may not affect the attitude of the wearer, it can certainly affect the attitude of the beholder.


Fiat Justitia

I was quite surprised how long it took for anyone to get it - I mean, this is the kind of thing ALL Dopers should know.

Timbuk3 = underrated!

The fun starts here!

Actuall, I had it figured out after the OP, and it suprised me that people took him seriously, so I had to dig up the lyrics and post them. Whatevr happened to Timbuk3?? the site I pulled the lyrics off of only listed lyrics, and the other site was in a slavic language (couldn’t tell which one).

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

Try again.

The fun starts here!