Opinions on women's hair?

I just got my hair cut again today. More like a serious trim than a cut, since my hair was growing out instead of down, but the style is different once again. It’s very short all over, parted so that the right side sweeps over my right eye, though I can wear it without a part as well. Now, I like my hair short. It’s easy to maintain, and I think I have the kind of face that short hair suits. I don’t plan to grow my hair out again soon, if ever. So I’m asking folks who are attracted to women–do you think short hair is attractive or sexy on women? Does it depend on the woman and her particular style, or is long hair the thing? These may seem like silly questions, but there is a purpose to them. I don’t care whether a woman wears her hair long or short, just as I don’t care whether a man wears his hair long or short. If it looks good and the person likes it, fine with me. What say the Dopers?

I’m generally not “attracted to women” in a sexual sense, but I certainly find some short hairstyles very attractive on some women. I loved the bob that Catherine Zeta-Jones wore in Chicago. I thought Mia Farrow’s close-cropped hair in the '60s was fabulous. And I was crazy about the finger-waved 'do that Eva Pigford had on last season’s America’s Next Top Model.

On the other hand, I’ve seen short hair that made me want to holler “Honey, wear a hat till it grows out!”

It’s a highly individual thing. Fortunately, we have the latitude to do almost anything we please with our hair these days. Whee!

I love hair. I love to play with women’s hair. I prefer long, but sometimes its fun when she cuts it short to try something different. It does grow back, after all.

I love hair.

For me, long hair on a women is irresistable – short does nothing for me. That’s just me, though.

It does depend on the woman and her style, imo. Also, the shape of her face. The jaw-line, etc.

Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz, for example, look stunning with short hair and a bit common with long hair. They have perfectly shaped heads and long hair just ruins that.

I myself need long hair. I’ve had it [very] short a couple of times, but cursed myself every time for letting it cut.
Oh, and I disagree with the maintainence. I found it took me longer to get my short hair into some sort of shape. Had to use all kinds of stuff in it.
Now I just wash and let it air-dry. That’s all.

Send a pic! :wink:

Depends more on whether it makes you look good, which is an individual thing. And of course personal preference is important as well.


I appear to be the only male that my little cousins know with long hair. They’d ask, “Why do you have long hair…?” To which I respond, “Cause it makes me look cool.”

Which is when they would give me the, You’ve got a third eyball growing on your forehead look. Very encouraging. But hey, my hair has been long longer than they’ve been alive so, nyah!


Here’s a picture. Taken just a few hours ago. Not terrific–I’m a bit broken out (I just love my hormones :rolleyes: ) and it’s kind of fuzzy since I took it myself, a bit close, but it gives the shape.

You’re really pretty :slight_smile:

Thanks, Abbie! I tried to wait until someone asked for the picture first. Don’t want to be horribly attention-whorish. I thought up the OP while the stylist was cutting my hair. She was cutting the back for a long time, as I have (well, had) a lot of very thick hair. Gave me plenty of time to think. In my first short-haired incarnation, people kept telling me to grow it out. Then, when I grew my hair out like this, people started saying, “You should get your hair cut short again!”

You have beautiful features, but I think you’re more suited for longer hair than short.

Unless, of course, you really did something fun with your short hair like spiked it, or dyed it bright red or fuscia or something.

In other words, you look like a fun person, but your hair doesn’t reflect that (at least not in that picture).

Is that you in the other pictures in the album, too? The ones with the medium-length hair?

[sub] Sorry, I’m a born snoop.[/sub]

It’s not the length of the hair in this photo; it’s the style. I needs to be, well, styled. :slight_smile: It just needs a slight trim, some shaping, and maybe some bangs. Do you like your hair with bangs?

That’s me in the suit and most of the other pictures. My hair was spiked earlier. It fell down. I also do a sort of fluff up the back thing so it sticks up. I know that sounds weird, but it looks pretty good. I’m always dying it some color that is odd yet still sort of like a color found in nature. You’re the first person I’ve encountered who actually said my hair would look better longer. Intriguing!

Incidentally, as we were leaving, my mom made me stop and stick my hair up more, as she thought the stylist hadn’t done it quite enough. Heh.

The only thing is, I simply cannot figure out how to style my hair when it isn’t short. No matter how it’s cut when it’s longer, it bushes out madly. What it does in that picture is pretty much what it ends up doing, no matter what. I usually ended up twisting it up or wearing it in a ponytail. I’m not much on bangs, as they always do something odd.

I think if you’re going to keep it short, you should make it even shorter.

As far as your long hair, have you ever considered straightening?

Shorter? How short are you talking?

I’ve thought about straightening my hair, but never seriously.

It’s all about hair product, baby!

I think what silverfire is saying is that you need more lift. If you use products that weigh your hair down, it will fall rather quickly. And your hairdresser should know that and should know which products will work best with your hair type. That is part of their job. If you left the salon with your hair already falling, she may not be using the right product on you.

IMO, if you want to keep it short, you would look great with a fun, spikey dyed doo - something a little over the top. Short and spikey is easy; just look what Sharon Stone has done with hers!

Longer hair needs different treatment and different products. For example, it looks like you have hair similar to mine in that it’s fine and doesn’t have a lot of body on top. In that case, it has to be cut to lighten (weight-wise, not color-wise) that area so that it can see some lift, and you likely should be blow drying upside down, and using a flat iron instead of a curling iron. Curling irons are so passe. :wink:

If you use too much conditioner, or the wrong conditioner, your hair will fall no matter what you do.

I hope this doesn’t sound harsh, but I would switch hairdressers. It’s not a bad cut; I just think she doesn’t know your hair and isn’t spending much time trying to figure it out.

I don’t go to a regular hair dresser. I just go wherever, whenever, and get my hair cut by whomever. I know, wrong thing to do. But I have been thoroughly convinced that I have no hair aptitude whatsoever. I have had bad haircuts before, maybe one or two, but I usually luck out. My hair is fine but thick. Like I said, it bushes out, and it gets frizzy quickly, though the top tends to lose altitude quickly. The stylist just put gel in my hair because I said that what I usually used. I didn’t really ask her a lot of questions as I was tired and wanted to get out of there. I guess some of that pomade or wax or what have you would spike it up well. I never blew it dry upside-down though, because when I did, it was bushier than ever. It was actually kind of impressive, how my hair stood way out from my head and I couldn’t figure out how to get it back down. :smiley:

Curling irons, though…they burns us, precious. Literally.

I’m getting flashbacks to Roland Orzabal’s “A poll by a guy…about hair” thread. Except for the fact that my hair sticks out instead of up. You know I have nothing but…respect for you and your hair, dear.

What about this color? That was I, at nineteen, and it was a quite bright red, though it’s a little hard to tell in that picture. I don’t mind at all doing odd colors, though I don’t know how it will go over at job interviews.

Having seen the other pic I think short hair looks better on you, but that could be that the long hair pic didn’t show how good long hair could look on you, if that makes sense.

I prefer short hair, anyway, though.

I think you look much better with short hair, and it would even better a bit shorter and spikier. You look like someone I’d want to hang out with. :slight_smile:

Well, thanks darlin’. I’ve worn my that way for years. Unfortunately, the rest of me does not look like Zeta-Jones.

Harimad-sol, you are naturally pretty. I think short hair is good for you, but you can get away with a variety of styles. If you can find one good stylist that can cut your hair at least every six weeks, it is so worth it! But you do need something that brings out your sassiness.

You may have to try out several stylists before you find the one that connects with you.

Ooooh! To have that much potential!

Aw, thanks, folks. I’m feeling the love. Oh, dang, I really am an attention whore. Oops.

Zoe, no one’s ever said I had sassiness before. Heh. I’ll have to work on it.

Let’s see. Am I trying to get people to fall at my feet, or do my bidding? :smiley: