Is short hair on women deeply out of fashion now? [Exhibit A: female Olympians]

I generally have been favorably disposed towards women with short hair. However, to be honest I very rarely see one with a short 'do anymore. None of my high school students has one (going back a number of years), and I have yet to see a single female Olympian with one (possible I missed a few), even tho you’d think some would, just for purely practical reasons if nothing else (such as in the pool).

Or (as I am sure a lot of people will now undoubtedly tell me) they never were all that common in the first place…

I hope so.

I suspect that the fact that it’s so common with the older generation (every woman I know over 60 has short hair) has led younger women to think of it as “granny hair”.

Not in my circles. Lots of pixie cuts around here.

I’ve been straight up told that now that I am in my thirties, I should be cutting my hair to a more “mature style”. :rolleyes:

I suspect lots of people hearing that, as Alessan says, has driven a lot of us younger women to swing the pendulum back the other way. I don’t like my hair short and refuse to keep it so anyway, even when the style was for short.

Emma Watson still has short hair, right?

Some women look terrific with long hair, some look better with short hair. I think hair length has a lot to do with what’s currently in fashion.

Condition should play a part in the decision. Some long hair is healthy and gorgeous and obviously well maintained. I also see lots of young women (and older, too) with long hair that’s in terrible shape. Same can be said for short hair, but short hair can hide a lot of problems.

The only thing I notice is that (generally) younger women with long hair are constantly touching it, moving it around, tossing it back, pulling it forward. All sorts of nervous tics involving touching their hair, much more than women with short hair. Leave it alone!

I have seen women who look fine with short hair. All women look better with long hair. Just my opinion of course.

Loach has a lock on the looks… :smiley:

You only think that because you’ve never seen those of us who keep our hair short because it’s thin and superfine with long hair. It. looks. like. ASS.

The weight drags it down flat to our heads and it tends to look stringy even when it’s freshly washed and brushed. And it tangles and breaks when you try to untangle it and the ends split like crazy no matter what you do to take care of it, so you run around almost all the time looking like your hair is greasy and uncombed and poorly cared for. It’s not a good look.

And there’s at least one female Olympian with short hair–one of the Aussie beach volleyball players. Granted, the announcer of the match I saw referred to her as the grande dame of beach volleyball because she’s 37. And that’s probably a rather a factor in the predominance of female Olympians with long hair. They are, by and large, teenagers or in their early 20’s, and women that age are more likely to have their hair shoulder length or longer anyway.

Um…whose ass?

Some other celebrities currently with short hair:

Rose Byrne
Portia de Rossi
Cameron Diaz
Julianne Hough
January Jones
Milla Jovovich
Alicia Keys
Zoe Kravitz
Olivia Wilde
Michelle Williams
Evan Rachel Wood

I left out Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron, who’ve cut their hair short for acting roles.

I totally disagree, and I say that as someone with long hair (choppy layers with the longest at bra-strap, and I had hair down to my hips back in high school).

I think women can fall into one of three categories:

  • generally look “better” with longer hair
  • generally look “better” with shorter hair
  • can equally rock longer or shorter

But even for women in the first two categories, there’s almost always going to be some cut of the opposite length that’ll still look good.
There are some women who really are born for shorter hair; often it’s specifics of how their face is structured. Halle Berry definitely is in this category. Of course she still looks gorgeous with long hair, but to me it’s more of a generic attractiveness. With shorter hairstyles her amazing bone structure is emphasized and she looks gorgeous in a memorable way instead of “beautiful woman #83”.

Mia Farrow also looked amazing with short hair.


Assuming, of course, that she has a massive outbreak of assne.

Unless you are tall, thin and extremely pretty with a tiny head, pixie cuts make most women look like a lesbian or a crazy person.

I had short hair all of my adult life, but when I turned 30 it started seeming less “hip and edgy” and more “mom haircut,” so I let it go.

I think a lot of guys fetishize long hair, and get so fixated on it that they don’t really cognize what actually flatters a given face. I’m one of those people whose facial features really pop with short hair- I suddenly turn all eyes and cheekbones, where as with longer hair my features get kind of lost.

I have seen men who look fine with thin wallets. All men look better with fat wallets. Just my opinion of course.
I am one woman whose hair looks extremely shitty if grown to or past my shoulders. It looks awesome short, and makes my face look better, too. It doesn’t make me any less of a woman, any more than a thin wallet makes a man less of a man.

If you count the blunt bob, cut really high/short in back as short hair…that’s really popular around here (meaning it’s years out of date in trendier areas, no doubt).

Personally, I don’t consider a woman’s hair short unless you’re seeing complete ears and lots of neck.

I love short hair on women.

Short hair is seen as a “i care more about convenience than appearance” haircut by a lot of women.

Long hair, most of my adult life. Lived through 10 yrs of people telling me I was getting to an age when I should cut my hair…blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the truth: Long hair is lazy hair. The laziest hair. There is no ‘lower maintenance’ than long hair. (Yes, high maintenance women do long hair their way, I’m aware!) I don’t; dye, perm, hot curl, straighten, blow dry, style, mousse, spray. I wash it. I comb it. I pull it back in an elastic. (If it’s fancy, I might braid it, 2nd elastic, extra 2 mins!) I’m good all day. Truly. I don’t spend $40-$80 on hair cuts every 6-8wks, maybe once a year, I get it trimmed up. Sometimes I do it myself.

If I had short hair I would have to wash it every day, as I would wake up looking like I’d stuck my finger in the socket. Pulled back hair can pass, even when still wet, in a way that short hair simply cannot. And that goes double if you’re going without showers while trekking etc, long hair is going to be much more presentable.

I can totally see how this meshes with high intensity athletes with no time for anything but training, training, training! All the more so for women competing in the pool, I should think.