Guys - do you like long hair on girls?

I’ve been wondering… men seem to really like long hair on girls… its one reason I grew mine in the first place. My bf loves it (though not yet had the pleasure of doing anything with it lol)… I love the feel of it myself (a friend expressed some dismay at me liking the feeling of my own hair brushing against my back… kinda turns me on - is that weird?)…

Anyways, who likes long hair? who likes short hair? Any reasons for preferences???

Just wondering here, alone, on a Saturday night…

I’m not a guy, but I have really long hair… so hopefully at least some portion of them like it. :slight_smile:

On head, yes. Armpits, no.

Shoulder length is good, middle of back is fine for hair length, beyond that is too much.

My hubby prefers my hair long. Since that is the way I’ve always worn it (except for those rare summers when I go nuts and chop it all off and immediately regret it) that’s cool with me.

I also like how it feels against my back especially when it is cool and damp after a shower.


Not too long. Just down to the shoulders does it for me.

I’ve got waist-length hair. My husband will cry and disown me if I cut it off. I think I’d do the same if cut his off, too. :smiley:

I’ve grown my hair out to a little past my shoulders, at the request of the previous boyfriend. It keeps getting on my nerves though. Having never had really short hair, I keep threatening to get it cut off boy-short, Pink style, but the current bf just whines so I guess I’m stuck with it.

Stupid long, takes-forever-to-dry, flat, straight hair.

That, and if I cut it I will look really dumb in my hats.

Long hair on a woman is a feminine frame for a beautiful face. I have often wondered why women cut their hair short in the later years.

What a great subject for a thread. There are many women with wonderful hair, and I thank all of them for enhancing the world (well, my world at least) in such a beautiful way. Anyone who knows me knows all about my hair fetish, which is benign and harmless but nonetheless passionate for all that. I’ve even set up a special web page about it. You go here:

and click on ‘Hair 27’.

Here’s the scoring system. Five categories, maximum of 5 points in each category:

Colour. Preference: as black as a raven’s eye down a mine shaft at midnight.

Curliness. Preference: explosion in a bedspring factory.

Thickness. Preference: the thicker the better.

Length. Preference: to the elbows at least.

Attitude. Preference: “I have the most glorious hair of any woman who ever walked this Earth, and you’d better believe it.”

Auburn gets 6 colour points. Also, as life is often more wonderful than we can anticipate, I leave 1 extra point for a certain something which I guess I’ll only know when I see it. Hence a theoretical maximum of 27.

Highest score to date is 21. I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll see or meet someone with a higher score. If I ever met a real-life 27, I really don’t know what I wouldn’t do for her. Dinner at the Hotel Bel Air (finest place to eat in all of California) would be the very least reward I could offer, no strings attached.

I have always found a girl with long, beautiful hair to be an incredible turn-on. That’s not to say that I haven’t been attracted to girls with short hair. It’s just that long, silky hair is so incredibly feminine that I just love it.

yea, long hair is alright, shoulderlength is best- but wear it down, don’t wear it up!

Ideal length=brastrap/cleavage

I suppose it depends on how it’s worn… One of my good friends in college had hair that reached her waist. It could look really good, but if she just sort of didn’t bother to do anything other than tie it back, it could also look really bad.

Which is not at all a helpful answer.

The longer the better.

As long as it’s not blue.

As of Thursday, mine’s now auburn with some blonde highlights. Its about at the middle of my back and all straight, one length. I am obsesssed with it, I admit it. One dresser top in my room is covered in hair lotions and potions lol… I would love that really sleek, shiny hair but its not quite that texture… its naturally wavy/curly but looks better straight (IMO) … and I just love to feel it soft against my back …

Maybe I’m having my very own hair fetish here :stuck_out_tongue:

Or short.

Y’know … whatever works.

Actually, I’ve always found the back of a woman’s neck incredibly sexy, so I have a weakness for short-haired women. But then again, long-haired women have to option of putting their hair up on occasion, whereas short-haired women can’t really put their hair down any further than it is already …

Y’know … whatever works.

I’m apparently a hair dresser’s nightmare… I have long fine hair… but I have a ton of it. When I was going through a phase where I wanted it curly it would take two hours to roll and they always had to use a billion little curlers all piggy-backed so there wouldn’t be too much hair on any one roller. Why did I torture myself thus??

I never use a hair dryer nor do I ever use hair spray or mousse or anything else… just shampoo and conditioner.

Right now it is pretty short for me… just a couple of inches below shoulder length. I had chopped it to my ears this summer so we’re making decent progress. It was really strange the first couple weeks after I chopped it… My head felt so light! But I miss my hair so I think I will grow it back down to my waist.

Oh, sure. Nothing like getting all entangled in her. But there is also much to be said for a no-muss-no-fuss short cut that leaves her ready to go with minimal hassle.

Years ago I met this young lady who had beautiful brown hair to her waist. Man did it fit her just right, I was totally entranced. Then came a time when she was stuck in hospital for a prolonged period of time and it was impractical to take care of all that hair, so she cut it. Guess what, I liked it then as well. Ever since she had it long and short and currently she has it short – she’s mostly working as an actress, and that gives her more flexibility. Does it ever.

These days, I guess, in the words of George Harrison: “I want a short-haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long” – and if I ever stopped working in my current field, I’d be doing that to myself.

Sorry to disappoint, but short hair does it for me. The shorter the better. Those exposed cheeks, and ears and necks like swans. Yumm… sexy!