Why do men like long hair ?

I’ve been wondering for a long time now, what is it with men and long hair? I mean, why is that so many men like it when a woman wears her hair long? If your hair is short then sooner or later you’ll have to answer zee question, and possibly when you least expect it. “So,” - a handsome stranger will say. - “You told me that you used to wear your hair long. What happened?” and then look at you expectantly as if he’s asking you about some horrible injury.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can deal with questions, and I like it that my hair is short. It’s too much of a hassle to make my hair look at least half-decent when it’s long. But the question remains: why do men make such a big deal out of long hair?

I don’t like long hair. It is a turn off to me.

I know a few heterosexual guys thet prefer girls with shorter hair as well.

Esp. since the men asking about this are very often the macho guys with ultra-short buzz cut themselves?

My guess is that long hair for a woman is considered traditional, while a short (practical) cut signals “women’s lib”, and that turns old-fashioned guys off.

Of course, depending on the individual, long hair may just look better on a particular woman than a not-fitting short cut, and the man asking that question sees that. (Just like some women look better with a short cut, some women look better in a dress, while some women have the figure where pants look better).

I would ask them why they don’t grow their own hair long, if they want something to stroke, and have a hassle with washing and combing. :slight_smile:

Woman’s lib? You’ve got to be kidding. Just my WAG, but women had longer hair back before they had children, and then once the kids came long hair took too long to groom so the women now mothers had their hair cut shorter for practicality’s sake. Libbers didn’t do it; stay at home moms did.

I think it’s ‘le difference’-- it makes you look like what they are not, sort of like boobs. It’s an othering thing. If our culture had a norm of men having long hair, they might want women with short hair, eh? Actually, I guess historically that’s not the case, but historically there were a lot of other obvious gender markers, while hair is one of the last ones we have left for a lot of women.

It could be an age issue. Long hair is associated with youth.

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From an evolutionary biology point of view, it’s an indication that the woman is young and healthy.

I agree that long hair looks good on some women and not on others, the same way for guys. Personally I find long, straight, dark hair to be very attractive. Why? Beats me, it just pushes a button. There’s definitely a tactile thing to it, running my fingers through silky hair feels gooood :slight_smile:

Doesn’t mean overly long like Crystal Gale though. OTOH there are some women who look fantastic with short (or even no) hair. It’s a secondary part of beauty - as long as it’s clean and healthy it’s all good. The only hair I find unattractive is crunchy or greasy or dirty, that’s nasty.

Can’t speak for other guys but the reason I don’t wear my hair long is twofold:

  1. I did when I was a kid. In hindsight it didn’t look as good on me as on other famous long-haired men (Fabio, perhaps there are other examples).

  2. Genetics has made the decision simpler. It started to get thin on top in my 20s and I realized that if I let it grow out I look a lot more like Gallagher than Conan so I went with the popular “Ed Harris” do and keep it buzzed to 1/4". This looks good on me (I’ve got the right head shape, some of my friends look freakish with the same cut) and it’s definitely easier to maintain.

I wouldn’t overthink this one. To most guys, the vast majority of women are more physically attractive with medium-length or long hair than with short hair. There are exceptions to every rule, and personal tastes differ… but for the most part, that’s just how it is. It’s feminine. It’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s enjoyable on a tactile level, and often it smells great. I’m sure there are subconscious biological cues at work, as well. Anything that goes into reasoning like “long hair is indicative that a women has accepted her traditional role within society, and thus makes her represent safety in her role as a home-maker and child-bearer”… well, that may or may not be true (causation vs. correlation vs. incorrect assumptions), but it’s probably overthinking the matter.

As a personal opinion, most women who are attractive with short hair are attractive despite their hairstyle, not because of it. Again, exceptions, everything else, but… yeah.

I like long hair, just like I prefer nice frim breasts, tight buns and a “great set of gams”. Well-done nails, sexy lips, and etc.* Why? Becuase these are all part of what makes a woman look sexy. Short hair isn’t sexy. It can be “cute”, if you are petite. Lady-Dopers; don’t trust the gals at the salon- all they want to do is cut, *cut *cut and more cut. They make more $$ that way, and few beauticians can keep long hair, thus they are jealous.

*But my fave is intelligence.

Because it’s purrty.

:dubious: My husband’s hair is longer than mine (waist-length on him, elbows on me), but he’d certainly be upset if I came home with a pixie cut!

And he’d be really surprised if someone said my long hair = traditional. :smiley:

Count me in the “love short hair on women” camp. Now that I think about it, I’m not all that hot on really long hair, my gut reaction is that it’s a pain to deal with I guess.

I definitely prefer longer hair on women (down to the shoulders at least; not necessarily down to the waist). If you asked me why, I don’t think I could explain beyond “it looks more feminine that way” or “I just do.” People don’t rationally choose what they are or are not attracted to.

So, if you have short hair, your sex appeal is probably going to be significantly diminished in my eyes. But unless that actually matters to you, so what? If we’re not in a relationship, you don’t owe me any explanation or apology for the way you choose to look, and I don’t owe you any explanation or apology for whether or not I like it.

Also, it’s pullable, thus making it easier to drag the woman back to your cave. :rolleyes:

Like **Kiros ** said, long, *healthy * hair looks good and feels nice. Really, it’s not that deep, y’all.

I’m one of them-usually makes them look very cute, and I like cute.

Ha! I have had long hair for the past eighteen months then came home from the hairdressers on Thursday with a short-medium length bob and my husband hasn’t been able to keep his hands off me ever since! :wink:

Uh… no. I’ve got very short hair, but I’m not a traditional guy and I’m sure not turned off by “women’s lib” (and speaking of old-fashioned, when was the last time anybody called it that?). I just think long hair is usually more attractive.

Right. And the question is why it “looks good and feels nice.” Restating the question is not a satisfactory answer to the question. If you don’t like when people discuss a topic, don’t read the topic. Getting resentful and pissy people other people are talking about something that doesn’t interest you is unattractive, whatever your hair may look like.