Why do guys like long hair (on girls) so much?

Ok. Maybe it’s just the guys I know or maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me like guys prefer long hair on women as opposed to short hair. Why?

I’m slightly emotional about the topic. A few years (3 or 4?) ago I had fairly long hair, about down to my back bra strap, and I got an itch to do something with it so I hacked it all off, leaving about an inch (you know, the pixie look.) Well the was-boyfriend freaked out considerably and it was apparant that I was no longer attractive to him. (dick!) Also, all of my guy friends expressed disapproval. And yet. . . all of my female friends thought it was a great change and said I looked older (a plus.)

Now my hair has surpassed its former length and the current boy has expressed a preference to long hair and he hasn’t even seen me with short.

So why, oh, why long hair?

I dunno. I just do. My wife knows I don’t want her to cut hers too short. She has gorgeous long hair. Why cut off the locks if they look good. Now, I want to preface this by saying some women do look good with short hair. I think to pull it off, though, you need a certain type of look, one I can’t define here in print, I don’t think. I’m not too much help, I guess, other than to add a confirmation to your suspicion that men like long hair.

FWIW, I like short hair on women. I have a picture of a friend (just friends, sigh) of mine on my web page when she was a pilot in Desert Storm. She thinks she looks aweful (she had a sergeant cut her hair… and he didn’t know how to), but I think she looks pretty cute with the hacked hair.

So go ahead and cut your hair if you like it that way.

I like really short hair or really long hair, but not hippie long hair, you know, down to their ass or something.

Why? I have no friggin’ idea. But I wouldn’t have freaked at the pixie-cut. Mmmm…

I hate the shortish haircut that seems to be popular among moms nowadays…It’s just so…ugh.

I don’t know…

It goes back to out roots. Caveman roots that is. Being the control freaks that we are it’s handy to have something to drag you by after we take the club to you. Besides it’s great to have a bridle during sex!

…mmmmmmmmmm, I love short hair on women- it’s so sexy and I really like necks so short hair= better access;)

Long hair is alright but I find that the women who make my knees weak almost invariably have short hair.

I can only speak for myself, but I am guilty. I prefer long hair on most women. I know several women, however, that I just couldn’t picture with long hair. Ther is one in particular, that I had this conversation with a few weeks ago. She showed me a picture of her with long hair. I think she is stunning with VERY short hair, and I told her I liked it that way. I suggested that she keep it short, and I meant every word I said.

On another note, several years ago, I was engaged to a gorgeous woman [sub](outwardly, anyway…I realized later that there were other men in her life)[/sub], who cut her hair short after we were together and engaged. I liked it better before she cut it, but it didn’t change the way I felt about her at all.

Anyone whose feelings change because you change your hair is, like you said, a “Dick!”, and isn’t worth your time. Wear it how you like it and be secure in the fact that you look good either way.

Today, if I were to date a woman with short hair, I look at it this way. I have enough hair for both of us, and she can play with mine.

I think it’s probably 90% a societal thing, with, maybe, 10% evolutionary psychology thrown in.

Just like the media tell us that skinny is pretty, they continually reinforce that a beautiful girl should have long hair. Chicks with short hair crop up from time to time, of course, and the optimum length waxes and wanes, but overall, long hair is a sign of femininity. On the other hand, at some times in history, long hair has been considered attractive for guys, too, but that’s not the fashion right now. Can anyone think of a time in history when short hair was more universal for women? I admit that this is a weakness in my argument.

As far as sexual selection goes, thick, shiny hair tends to inticate good health. Long, healthy hair advertises that you’ve been healthy for months or years. I know, I know, for some people it’s just genetics and you’ll have thin hair no matter what, but you’re not going see Pantene-commercial hair on someone who’s deathly ill or someone with malnutrition. Cut the hair off, and maybe you’re hiding something–a parasitical infection that will make you less likely to carry a baby to term, perhaps! (Disclaimer: I am 100% talking through my hat; I have not a single datum to back this up!)

Just so you know my biases, I have thick, shiny hair down to my butt. Doesn’t that just make you fellahs want to impregnate me?

I find short hair on women to be surpassingly sexy. There are a number of short hair styles that make me giddy. Long hair almost never accomplishes that for me.


(welcome to the board Knorf)

Well, you can gently trail long hair over the mans testicles during oral sex…

Early 20th century seems to have contained many short-haired women. Maybe it’s just my skewed version of history, but I think that it was popular for women to have short hair cuts and slick (I guess that’s the best word) it down. I’ll find a picture that explains in a few minutes.

It seems like I’m attracted mostly to short-haired females, though some with long hair (shoulder blades +/- 4 inches) are just as good or better.

During the brief search, these flappers seem to be the best example.

I should add to my last post that this applies mostly to the United States. I have no clue concerning hairstyles of other nations from other time periods.

I’m something of a fan of short hair myself. The quasi-androgynous flapper look is right up my alley. Heck, I thought Sinead O’conner was more attractive bald than with hair. I find something . . . untidy about excessively long hair. Anything beyond the shoulder blades seems superfluous to me. And don’t get me started on big hair. Ick!

I knew there was a good reason I liked you so much.

God love ya Kelli.

I was soooo in lust with this girl I once knew. She had hair down to the small of her back. God I loved her. Beautiful Italian girl. Mmmmmmm yummy.

Mrs. Nipples has rather longish hair…mid back area. I love it…except when I find one of her hairs in the butter dish or, worse yet, wrapped around my…er…parts. It’s happened!!

kellibelli, I think I luv you !

Because you can do the “hair flip” while you’re giving head. Come on all you ladies with long hair, you know you’ve done it. You’re kneeling over them and all your hair falls in your eyes, so you just sorta flip your hair back over the other shoulder, look them in the face and continue.

Once when I was doing a CPR recertification and had to demonstrate how to give the breaths, I leaned forward and all my hair fell in my face. Without thinking, I did the “flip” and at that moment my instuctor gave me a knowing wink. I know my face turned bright red but I was able to finish the demonstration.

BTW my hair is about mid-back in length now but at that time it was down to my butt crack.

As The Mermaid said, a lot of it has to do with that ‘hair flip’. Mmm, indeed.

For me, I like being able to run my fingers through it, tangle my fingers in it, curl a lock around my finger, have it drape on both sides of my face when she’s on top, and it just seems to hold her scent better.

All personal preferences, of course. YMMV.

Can’t put it better than that. :slight_smile:

When I was in grade eleven and mentioned to my then boyfriend that I wanted to cut my hair, he said that if I did he’d never take me out in public again.

Not only did I cut it, but I broke up with him first. :slight_smile: