Hairball day, pfttttt. May 7th, national nude gardening day!

Yep first Saturday in May is World Naked Gardening day. Clearly a great idea IMHO.

Little tiny NSFW immages on the link.

Brake out the drones!

I don’t know. I’m not terribly modest but sunburn and bug bites are not fun.

I am not…clicking on that link.
(Yes, I did but that doesn’t count).
My Friday Night is officially over. :slight_smile:

By the way, my petunias need watering…no…never-mind.


It’s easier to fertilize.

I’m not sure why anybody does anything naked*. Apart from bathing. I find the whole experience unpleasantly self-conscious. I don’t even like seeing men shirtless.

*Even sex.

So next Saturday, you’ll take off your clothes, grab the shears, go outside & trim the bush? :wink:

Naked gardening will never catch on in fire ant country.

A perfect time to have that “Birds and Bees” chat with the young’uns. :wink:

Even a nice crop of tomatoes isn’t worth getting my hieney sun burnt.

Unless the weather here gets seasonal instead of cold and rainy, there’s going to be a lot of shrinkage going on.

Naked gardening, it seems, grows more popular by the hour.
Be sure the bird don’t get you worm nor the bee land in your flower.

There once was a girl that I dated
Who’s nude gardening club was high rated.
Without one single care
She went, bare derriere,
And came home quite well pollinated.