Hairspray in Japan-so many questions

So while wasting time on the rabbit hole known as youtube, I came across this.

Now a great song is a great song but I have a few questions:

Will the segregation theme really play in Japan?

Kudos for having a “black” Maybelle, but why is Seaweed not black?

Why are half the costumes from circa 1960 and half appear to be from the 1980s?

Why translate from the Japanese back into the English for the subtitles when they could just post the original lyrics?

Am I the only one who really really wants to see the full show?

I’ve already seen a 99% white high school production of “Dreamgirls”, so this probably isn’t any worse.

The lil’wrekker was in a production of ‘12 Angry Men’ except they had only a few guys in the group. So it was ‘12 Angry Women’. She played the Loud mouth guy/woman.

Japan has a fair number of cross-dressing stars (male-to-female) in varying degrees of convincingness, but it would have been so cool to have Matsuko Deluxe as Edna. She has the right sort of in-your-face personality.

According to the clip they are supposed to open in Tokyo in mid-June, but I doubt they’ll make that date. Hope they’ll be able to postpone rather than cancel altogether.

I didn’t see any translation back to English, the lyrics of the songs are shown in either Japanese or English at the bottom of the screen, which is standard for Japanese TV, and the words shown in English are where they are singing English words, which also happens a lot in Japanese pop songs.

Just change Negroes to Koreans. Or any kind of gaijin, for that matter.