Hairstylist? How do I highlight my own hair? I'm Going Broke!

The cost in my area: $90-120.00 is getting out of control.

That, plus $60-75.00 for a haircut is more than my budget can handle :eek:

My fav hairstylist moved out of state but left me with a brand name and some #s.

Generally all they do is seperate and weave the hair into tiny sections, apply the “secret mixture”, wrap around foil, sit under a dryer and it’s done.

The brand name is Schwartzkopf?
Honey wheat
114 and 30 vols
No heat with foil
NO bleach

How do I deciper the #'s ?
What do I mix it with?
Leave it on, how long?

I have no confidence in “over the counter” highlight kits…

I miss her terribly, she only charged $65.00 for the highlights AND cut and it was always perfect…
Forever grateful,

ps, I tried the cheaper salons and have always been horrified at the results…

hmmm, I guess there are no beautician/hairstylist on this board…

Not all OTC highlighting kits are bad, it’s just that you have to know how to apply the mixture, and most people apply too much or apply it unevenly. You CAN get the same results with an $8 box of hair color, it’s just that you have to know what you’re doing.

With that said, I would STRONGLY reccomend looking for a less-expensive stylist. I know you said that you’ve been horrified with past results, but not all cheap stylists are bad stylists. There isn’t a magical school where the expensive beauticians go to learn how to REALLY do hair while the cheaper beauty schools teach how to screw up hair :smiley:

I realize that LOL!! Sorry if I sounded offensive.!!! :slight_smile:
As I mentioned in my OP my fav stylist charged reasonabe prices, well,almost reasonable prices

I called around today and found there are only 3 beauty schools in the area.
Another lady told me the expensive salons $harge so much because of the stylist “training”…
I figure you either have the talent or you dont… but thats a whole other post and probably for another forum. In fact, I think I will post in another forum…

I really just hoped someone could tell me how to mix the formula in the OP.

When getting highlights, what you’re paying for is the process of weaving the hair in and out. You can get comparable color at any drugstore. But you’re going to have a very hard time weaving your hair and getting the same effect as the stylist does, simply because it’s physically difficult or even impossible for you to do it on your own head. You certainly can’t do the back by yourself. That’s why a foil costs so much more than a one-process: they can use the exact same color for both but it’s a lot easier and faster to do a one-process.

I don’t know what “114” means - probably the number of the color - but “30 vols” probably means 30-volume peroxide.

That’s interesting… she told me ? “NO BLEACH”!!

I french braid my own hair, so I think I can do the front weaving part, that’s what needs to be done…I’m willing to take the chance of having a mess when I’m done … LOL :smiley:

There are two ways to foil. One is to do the weaving, then apply a bleach, which bleaches the hair, and then the stylist puts on the color - Golden Blonde or Light Auburn or whatever. The other way is to just apply the color, which contains peroxide (bleach) also.

Unless you’re talking about celophane highlights, which I believe do not contain any bleach. They also don’t lighten your hair and don’t last as long since they aren’t permanent color. You need the peroxide in it to make it “permanent.”

I have to say, I can French-braid my hair too but I don’t see how that compares at all to being able to weave it for a foil like the stylist does. The two are nothing alike. But if you can do it, more power to you!

Personally, I’d try and get on the “practice” list at one of the beauty schools. If you have craigslist in your area, they often have stylists advertise for people to practice on; you can get a very nice cut (not sure about foiling) for maybe $15 (in my town, anyway, where a good cut at a top salon is easily $60 or more). These are done in a salon by someone who is already licensed and needs to practice and build up his/her clientele. They are monitored by an experienced stylist the whole time.

By the way, unless things have changed, 30-volume peroxide is not available commercially. You have to get it from a beauty-supply store like Sally’s.

Thanks MissBunny, that was my next question…

You’ve been a big help.