Haiti...a 1970's gay hotspot?

Years ago, when AIDS hysteria was at its peak, I remember many stories tracing the ‘migration’ of the HIV virus from Africa to America via Haiti.

It was often said that in the 1970’s, Haiti was a popular getaway for North American gay men. References to this have sprung up from time to time since, however one does not hear much about this now.

I know some of this goes into GD territory (the origins of AIDS, whether it is fair to attribute the spread of AIDS primarily to blacks and then gays)…but was Haiti indeed a popular gay vacation spot? With all I know about the Duvaliers, the Tonton Macoutes, and the general lack of development of the country, I think there wasn’t much tourism - straight or gay - to Haiti in the 1970’s.

Was this some wild myth or based in fact?